Stay up eating five fruits help anti-aging

“At sunrise, we get up early and goes to bed with the Sun. “This is the result of humans for a long time to adapt to the environment. Staying up late can damage health. Because human adrenocortical hormone and growth hormone is secreted during sleep at night. So sleep in the best time of day is at 10 o’clock to 6 o’clock in the morning. And eat the fruit can help you restore balance to the body.

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Summer women drank 4, hairdressing and beauty

Woman beauty is nature, small reminders, from diet to start beauty beauty is very good. Following paragraph to introduce the four health tea, for women summer, insist on drinking tea, not only to quench their thirst, but also beauty, we may as well take a look. Summer high temperatures, drink hot tea can be stopped quickly. Suitable for summer drinking tea has a lot of health, Xiao bian recommended drinking tea, drinking tea not only to quench their thirst, but also beauty and more to the regimen. Someone asked about this summer drink Jasmine tea good? Next to introduce several health tea, women who love tea, might as well drink.

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Fast weight loss to eat 6 fruits, eat more lean

Now a lot of people on the road to weight loss have chosen to eat fruits to lose weight, then do you know what are the daily diet of fruits? Come and have a look below. Fruits in addition to some body essential vitamins supplements, beauty and function. Not only that, some fruits are not only delicious, there diet work wonders! So, what has the effect of weight loss?

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16 foods to eat when you want to be careful not to poison!

When “sterilized cucumbers, watermelon, Clenbuterol, staining the explosion steamed buns, beef extract, melted down bread, ginger wine, cooking oil, sulfur,” when these words about food into our line of sight, food safety has become a focus of the people and the Government. The food is what matters to the people, food safety is first. The toxic food has slipped through the mouth into the stomach, into our bodies, food safety has become a lingering nightmare in our hearts.

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Soong Mei-ling’s health breakfast recipes

The traditional three meals a day is in line with the scientific truth, breakfast should be guaranteed, but also to eat well, skipping breakfast is not a good idea. “Evening” is the key to mental and physical in the morning time. Breakfast is so-so just make do, 90 o’clock will be hungry, decreased in the brain, lack of concentration, and learning efficiency. After due to gastric emptying, nocturnal secretion of gastric acid neutralized needs to eat for breakfast food, don’t eat breakfast, stomach acid can irritate the stomach, so is the cause of gastric ulcers and other gastrointestinal diseases. Science of eating should be “eat breakfast, lunch to eat, eat less dinner (also made by the experts ‘ dinner in moderation ‘)”. Distribution of meals according to the conditions and needs to decide, if you eat 500 grams of staple food, in the morning and 150 grams, 3:4:3 distribution is appropriate.

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