Summer kidney eats Yam

Yams have tonifying the spleen and the stomach, Sheng Jin Yi-Lung, kidney deficiency effects, watch the ball stayed up that injury of spleen and stomach and kidney damage, eat some yams can reduce some health hazards. Moreover, Yam kidney best, staying up late is very suitable. Matching red beans in addition to detoxification, tonifying deficiency and kidney function, and nourishing the blood, removing efficiency of wet, so eat red beans on physically. Honey is a nutritional natural nourishing food, will also have a beauty to stay up the skin and laxative effects, and stay up late to get angry.

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Boost 6 common foods, mushrooms and eggs is very good

Highly focused work or study, can cause brain fatigue. So how can we boost it? Life of some common foods, are masters of the brain. Did you at least 8 hours a day interacting with computer? you have eye strain, back pain and other symptoms? if the answer Yes, then you have to adjust yourself. Very important point is: nutritional supplements in a timely manner, refresh your diet menu.

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