Men always worry most about five things

Fear that a nobody is old, pose a burden to their children, their body “useless” … … Many elderly people would more or less have some concerns. Britain had carried out a survey involving 12 countries found that women fear aging more than men in the world, fears of aging vary for men and women. The United States “love network” the latest articles, published the 5 things to older men and women fear most, and teach you how to overcome these concerns.

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Six habits make kidneys more and more virtual

Latest epidemiological survey showed that chronic kidney disease has become one of the major diseases that threaten public health around the world, its prevalence rate higher than even some common. Prevalence of chronic kidney disease in China was around 10%, approximately 450,000 deaths every year, and the results and people will not protect his kidney has much to do.

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Eating too much will cause osteomyelitis in children

Osteomyelitis in children acute onset, also known as blood-borne osteomyelitis due to metaphyseal children blood flow and slow, make it easier for bacteria to deposit here, leading to infection. Osteomyelitis in children is caused by Pyogenic bacteria blood infections bone, inflammation of the bone marrow, pathogen Staphylococcus aureus, its primary focus for all invade the bone marrow induced by inflammation caused by septicemia.

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