Garlic can also relieve a cough, is “steam”

Autumn is the high season of cough, cold or heat, is likely to trigger symptoms of cough. Don’t want to take the medicine, how to cough better? Featured steamed pears and garlic can help your cough. Winter weather is cold and dry, children, the elderly and immunocompromised people prone to respiratory tract infection and cough. Hospital treatment of disease branch, Deputy Director of Henan province, Lv Pei Wan recommend two simple and effective home herbal cuisine diet method.

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Weight loss benefits of eating green beans you eat green beans

Green beans is a common food in daily life, people love because of its rich in protein and vitamins, but also because of this, many people who lose weight during the confusion arises, diet can I eat green beans? during weight loss is to eat green beans, and eat green beans have a lot of benefits.

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