Four types of food can prolong life

A bowl of rice and a rough Wo TOU lay ahead, which would you choose? Between a flap on a piece of watermelon and grapefruit, you may select which postprandial fruit? Table saw on onions and garlic, and you ignore them? In life, we tend to love those sweet, delicate, spicy food, don’t like bitter, coarse, mild food. But among these foods taste bad, there are unexpected elements of nutrition and health.

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Two vegetables prevent stomach cancer

Why do gastric cancer in Shandong province have fewer? A micro-believe it or are many public push. This article says, in the Shandong province must have garlic and scallions on the table, this is one of the reasons for the low incidence of gastric cancer in Shandong province. Reporters interviewed experts in Nanjing, loved to eat garlic, low incidence area of gastric cancer, the claim that there is.

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