Family secret of longevity of traditional Chinese medicine

Today, the growing health consciousness of people, are talking about health, society is filled with a variety of “health” banner health products and institutions. In fact, health is neither mysterious nor complicated. TCM just remember 8-character: “heart soft, ants, turtles and monkeys”, is simple and easy to do, and explains the basic principles of health, namely “health and heart, heart”. Keeping in good health for everyone, do not need to spend a lot of money, and the key is attitude and perseverance.

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50 years old man body “troubled times”

The old saying “50 we know what” for men, 50, is entering a body of “troubled times”, a variety of diseases can occur at this stage. As much as women do, the stages of belong to “male menopause”, easy fatigue, memory loss, and loss of sexual desire, trouble ensues. Beijing University of Chinese medicine health Professor Zhang Hude pointed out that after the age of 50 men, the body begins to go “downhill”, we should note from various aspects such as diet, exercise, conditioning, to induce longevity.

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102 age elderly longevity secret

articles source: micro-letter public, “health magazine” according to shangyu daily reported, Zhejiang Province songxia town que mouth village of 102 age Luo Ahua elderly, thought clear, and articulate, only because cold to had two trip hospital, no three high, most let people surprised of is, doctor said she of organ age only more than 30 age.

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Do you have these three long feature

To see whether a person live longer there are many theories, common has long eyebrows, high forehead, earlobes and there Palms lifeline, these faces and Numerology sign of lack of scientific, not all; others claim some physiological basis, but the lack of universality, such as thin, can sleep, not senile plaques, 60 years ago, such as disease-free. In sleep, for example, some people can lie down to sleep, live long, but some people sleep too long, but short-lived.

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92 years longevity is only one word for the elderly

British chemist Michael Faraday when he was young, due to too much tension, mental disorders, often despite long-term drug treatment, still no improvement. Later, a famous doctor to examine him, but does not prescribe, upon leaving just laugh and say an English proverb: “a clown town, more than a dozen doctors. “A long way off. Faraday this careful taste, finally discovered secret since then, Faraday usually find time to see burlesque, circus and comedy, often laughed with pleasure. Such a happy state of mind, his condition is greatly improved, headache and insomnia did not need to.

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Boost 6 common foods, mushrooms and eggs is very good

Highly focused work or study, can cause brain fatigue. So how can we boost it? Life of some common foods, are masters of the brain. Did you at least 8 hours a day interacting with computer? you have eye strain, back pain and other symptoms? if the answer Yes, then you have to adjust yourself. Very important point is: nutritional supplements in a timely manner, refresh your diet menu.

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