8 beauty foods soothe the marks of time

What kind of diet is most beneficial to the body? undoubtedly eating 5 a day fruit and vegetables, deep-sea fish eating 2 times a week, which is most of us have access to healthier eating habits. However, specific to one kind of food on our body positive effect, I’m afraid many people are unable to do so.

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6 bad habits get stomach cancer around you

The old saying “nine of ten stomach”, stomach upset, stomach acid, and stomach has become a modern disease. But by stomach cancer, many people still feel so very far away. Zhejiang Jinhua College man, going almost every night after “a meal”, and sometimes will be barbecue as a staple food. Man was found late gastric cancer in the near future, and the culprit is “barbecue”.

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Women beauty, just eat more of this

Summer is a good time for health, the weather is hot, so drink some soup good analogy, women often have more dates and white fungus soup good, not only nourishing but also beauty, come and have a look. Summer season is important to health, physical health, and taking the right approach to health and health good health. Whether it is a man or a woman should take for their health, and diet is undoubtedly inevitable thing, reasonable, science diet, is good for the body, but the wrong diet can harm the body.

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