This kind of fish called the water of Panax ginseng

It is well known that ginseng is known as the “King of the air” in the world, dabu, spleen and lungs, secretion and other effects, has been a “virtual people” supplements the best choice. Today about five alternative other than ginseng “Ginseng”, its health effects are not small Qu.

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Cleaning blood refuse to eat it will work

Source of blood is to nourish the body, it flows over the body’s tissues and organs. But as he grew older, blood also occurs in some “junk”, if they cannot be timely to “clean up”, it will cause the blood does not clean, becomes sticky, flow smoothly, thus affecting the health. At this time, may wish to adopt a number of vessels on the table, “scavengers” to assist the physical blood of waste and do a spring cleaning for the body.

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