This nut is the most invigorating kidney must eat

Chestnuts contain much starch, proteins, fats, b vitamins and other nutrients, known as “the King of nuts” of the name. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chestnut of warming, stomach and spleen, strong gluten and activating blood circulation, hemostasis of blood and other effects, especially on renal deficiency and has a good effect, so it is also known as the “fruit of the kidney”, especially kidney, loose stool stool diarrhea is more appropriate, regular consumption of physical disease. Raw food can treat low back and leg weakness, shells and bark has astringent effect; external application of fresh leaves can treat skin inflammation; spend to cure Scrofula sores and diarrhea cure hernia. Often for a long time to eat chestnut refractory Pediatric mouth sores and mouth ulcers in adults is good. In addition, prevention and treatment of hypertension, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, has better effect.

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Regulating six kinds of sub-health eating nuts fatigue solutions

Sub health problems a lot of people, though nothing special does not feel the same way, but it is uncomfortable. Now more common inferior health status such as: insomnia, forgetfulness, fatigue, nerves, etc, then these States to how to get rid of it? Usually what food can I eat to get rid of Asian health?

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At night eat more lean and depend on these 4 foods

Do you want slim figure? Many women want to lose weight become slim, small reminders, a woman dinner, choosing the right foods to eat to help lose weight. To introduce suitable for dinner eat diet foods and diet, women who want to lose weight, it may wish to take a look. People who are losing weight, apart from reducing food intake, in the evening, choosing suitable foods are also very important. Pick the right food, choose health, chose to accelerate weight loss. Weight loss what’s for dinner? Woman diet how to do it? To explain to you our next, for your reference.

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