Tonic than black beans

Black beans and black beans, black beans, black soybean seeds of leguminous plants. Black soybean protein 49.8%, ranks first in the bean, the equivalent of beef twice times more than 16 times times 3 times times, eggs, milk. Others, such as niacin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, carotene and trace elements of copper, cobalt and iron content is very high. Black beans contain 18 kinds of amino acids, including the 8 essential amino acids unsaturated fatty acid content of 80% of black beans, absorption rate is over 95%, in addition to meeting the needs of body fat, and reduce the role of cholesterol in the blood. Black beans contains no cholesterol and contains plant sterols, plant sterols can not be absorbed by the body and inhibit the body’s absorption of cholesterol, lower blood cholesterol levels.

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102 age elderly longevity secret

articles source: micro-letter public, “health magazine” according to shangyu daily reported, Zhejiang Province songxia town que mouth village of 102 age Luo Ahua elderly, thought clear, and articulate, only because cold to had two trip hospital, no three high, most let people surprised of is, doctor said she of organ age only more than 30 age.

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Five kinds of people the garlic may be wary of eating

Raw garlic keep the medicinal effect of allicin, garlic’s cancer, in simple terms is that it contains a natural antiseptic material “allicin” we smell of spicy is allicin, the garlic, if 100,000 times diluted, can instantly kill Salmonella typhimurium, Shigella influenza virus, especially primary inducement to HP to kill gastric cancer.

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These snacks should not be underestimated, is the top grade of blood!

Whether men or women, are likely to have anemia, so everyone needs blood. There are many methods of blood, in addition to drug regulation, a healthy diet is your good choice. Found many foods has the efficacy of blood of TCM, you can eat some more often. Below highlights some of the snacks if you can supplement Qi and blood, small series of recommendations you can always have more.

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