These characteristics proves your kidneys well

Kidneys are the body’s “Water Purifier”, filtering and cleaning 200 litres of blood every day, keep useful things in the bloodstream and excrete metabolic waste. Meanwhile, the kidneys also known as “the factory”, it produces a lot of hormones associated with the human endocrine, metabolic, helps regulate blood pressure, bone functions, generate red blood cells. Strong kidney function, but it is a fragile organ. Investigations revealed that the incidence of chronic kidney disease in China has risen, one out of every 10 people in the city and, therefore, we should always pay attention to kidney health, notice it issued a “service” signal.

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Invigorating Yang in spring and summer and spring, nourishing yin for moistening dryness

Spring diets other than more sweet and less acid also made according to the classic of the Yellow Emperor “invigorating Yang in spring and summer” principle, eat a lot of warm and tonify Yang foods, makes a full body Yang and strengthen one’s body resistance, withstanding strong winds mainly evil invasion of the human body. Green onions, ginger, garlic, leeks, onions isothermal foods are great to Yang, dispelling the negative effect of cold, can afford to eat more. Sweeteners and food temperature of food is best for the spring.

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These snacks should not be underestimated, is the top grade of blood!

Whether men or women, are likely to have anemia, so everyone needs blood. There are many methods of blood, in addition to drug regulation, a healthy diet is your good choice. Found many foods has the efficacy of blood of TCM, you can eat some more often. Below highlights some of the snacks if you can supplement Qi and blood, small series of recommendations you can always have more.

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Experts advise: don’t these calcium myth!

Know lots of people probably a calcium deficiency, often also a lot of people taking calcium supplements. However, how to promote the absorption of calcium in the diet, but not necessarily everyone knows. A little careless, there may be misguided, chose the wrong food, and hinders the absorption of calcium. Governing Fan Zhihong of China nutrition Association, pointed out that common calcium errors, what struck you?

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