Sweet and sour blueberries, what should we eat and beauty?

Pulp delicate, flavor unique, acid sweet moderate, and has incense cool pleasant of aroma, so, many people are very like Blue Berry of taste, also often will blue Berry as, and, and, of making in the, it not only is rich in general nutrition components, and also contains is rich of yellow ketone class and polysaccharide class compounds, so and was called “Queen” and “Berry of King”.

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Don’t like cilantro? What a pity!  

About 15% people in the world, “coriander phobia!” However, coriander such a good thing, if you don’t like to eat, really a pity. Analysis on some common nutrients, parsley lemon is slightly higher in vitamin c than fruit. Meanwhile, dietary fiber, beta carotene and potassium and other trace elements are not low, not too low in nutritional value. The “fragrance” is composed of mannitol, Kwai-OL, pelargonic alcohol and volatile oil substance such as linalool, fusion, and the flavor of these substances, for people who don’t like cilantro is a kind of “torture”, but for people who love eating coriander, and can stimulate the appetite, it is a good thing.

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Apple whether to peel?

Do you eat the Peel? The simple question that has repeatedly appeared in our lives, some people think that Apple Peel, because there is a layer of wax, and think that it is not party to peel that Apple nutrients are above the skin, does not require peeling. Because peeling Apple nutrition would reduce more than half, or just eating more nutritious, that want to peel it? Or not to peel?

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Melons can be taken on an empty stomach it?

As the weather is getting hot, all kinds of fruit and began listing, such as cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is high in nutritional value, which contains a variety of minerals, aromatic substances, vitamins, sugar, contains Malic acid, glucose, amino acids, sugar beets, tomato, rich in nutrients such as vitamin c, infectious high fever, thirst, have a very good effect, eat cantaloupe can also promote the endocrine and hemopoietic mechanisms have some medicinal value. Chinese medicine recognized melons have “summer heat, and polydipsia, diuresis” significant effects.

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