Feet of water add a whole body benefit

“Old rheumatism” with an “old”, many people mistake this for older patents, this is not so. Because they do not keep warm, some old and young will be plagued by rheumatism. When cold weather, could feel swelling, numbness, pain in the legs, which is the old precursor to rheumatism. Although rheumatism treatment will improve, but it is an “environmental illness” when it encounters a cold weather or chill, it’s easy to relapse.

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Family secret of longevity of traditional Chinese medicine

Today, the growing health consciousness of people, are talking about health, society is filled with a variety of “health” banner health products and institutions. In fact, health is neither mysterious nor complicated. TCM just remember 8-character: “heart soft, ants, turtles and monkeys”, is simple and easy to do, and explains the basic principles of health, namely “health and heart, heart”. Keeping in good health for everyone, do not need to spend a lot of money, and the key is attitude and perseverance.

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Nine out of ten women cold, how to recuperate?

“Nine out of ten women is cold, there is also a virtual” women born Yang is weaker, if cold feet in the winter, winter cold often sleep through the night or cold feet. Usually pale and languid, aunt coming to endure, there are a large number of blood clots, needless to say, you’re cold body. How to improve cold Constitution, you can start from the following five aspects, conditioning your body from the inside.

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