Breakfast nutrition, health guaranteed

Folk proverb “breakfast and eat a good lunch to eat, eat less dinner. “Obviously, people’s perception has already deep inside for breakfast. However, although an increasing number of urban white-collar workers are aware of the importance of breakfast, but always busy as an excuse, breakfast was closed, resulting in lack of breakfast nutrition over time cause chronic harm to the body.
WHO in up-to-date health and dietary advice makes it clear that, for adults, eat at least 5 a day or 400 grams of fruit and vegetables can reduce non-communicable diseases (NCDs) risk, balanced diets, enhance immunity, improve ill health plays a very important role.

Eat breakfast, healthy body
Breakfast is the source of energy of brain activity, without eating breakfast, the body is unable to supply enough sugar for human consumption, are likely to feel weary, fatigue, mental concentration, lack of energy, and unresponsiveness. Over time, can cause serious harm to health, such as easy to become acidic, suffering from chronic disease; decreased immunity, easy low blood sugar.
In this regard, nutrition experts say, the daily energy required 30% from breakfast and drink fruit and vegetable juices for breakfast most conducive to the absorption of vitamins and minerals, daily or drink fruit and vegetable juices should eat more fruits and vegetables. And in the West, drinking 100% fruit and vegetable juices have become people’s living habits, United States school breakfast programme also provides that the breakfast must be a serving of fruits and vegetables, or fruit juice or vegetable juice.

Nutrition  Breakfast nutrition, health guaranteed Breakfast-nutrition-health-guaranteed
Breakfast nutrition, health guaranteed
For some people, the gastric activity has not been activated in time for breakfast, lack of appetite for breakfast, most of them choose to buy some breakfast in stride, even as breakfast snacks, do not eat breakfast, which in nutrient starvation.
Nutritionists say “qualified nutrition breakfast usually consists of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and also supplement rich in vitamin, not only to eat for breakfast, and eat well, eat nutrient. ”
Related investigation, Chinese white-collar workers daily breakfast with most of the protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin supplies insufficient nutrition is grim.

Big breakfast “-” health more
“Morning” breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and inadequate intake of fruits and vegetables and breakfast nutrition is difficult at lunch and dinner add back in. A balanced diet, healthy habits are required each day! After a night’s sleep the body organism depleted stores of nutrients and energy, hormone production has entered a Valley, the brain and the insufficiency of each organ of the body, memory function in a torpid State.
At, a cup 100% fruits and vegetables juice activated stomach power, added vitamin, a sandwich added by needed energy, to starving of brain cell provides hunger of energy, to lost deficiency stay photo of body fill to required of nutrition, suddenly with to we body energy, and vitality and health, let we happiness wonderful of day in body most foot of vitality, best of State and best of nutrition level Shang began.
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