Vegetarian Nutrition it needs

Scientists have found that, due to the long asked myself eating even does not eat meat, and many people have unknowingly become a vegetarian. However, the long-term non-stick meat makes the body needs some nutrients cannot be added, damage to certain parts of the human body. Recently, the United States scientists for vegetarians made a number of recommendations for increased dietary structure.

With the increased awareness of health and aesthetic changes, eating more vegetables and fruit has become a very important elements for preventing and fitness. These gradients of vegetarians, which for various reasons is not stained meat, vegetarian, formed a small group.

Years of scientific studies show that vegetarian habit against cardiovascular disease and prevent diseases such as obesity has irrefutable advantages, but because people are currently living in a fast-moving environment of modern society, so vegetarians who often requires a lot of physical work before “shame”. Thus, vegetarians need more attention to nutrition.

Focus on protein supplements

Both children and adult vegetarians in everyday meals, should provide five to six kinds of foods that contain high protein, such as beans, nuts, seeds, tofu or other soy products, eggs or dairy products. These many kinds of food, but food could be adjusted accordingly, with food.

Nutrition  Vegetarian Nutrition it needs Vegetarian-Nutrition-it-needs

Don’t forget calcium supplements

Calcium is a key element to keep human body need to function. Vegetarians get calcium supplements not only from meat, because they basically don’t drink dairy products, so it is unable to obtain the necessary calcium supplement. So scientists advise, where possible cases, vegetarians should not be excluded from the dairy products such as milk, eat dairy products. In addition, regular drink soy milk, eating beans, broccoli and calcium-fortified juice and cereal are able to supplement calcium plays an important role. Vegetarians should pay attention to is, like kale and mustard greens are considered with high calcium content, but it is not all dark green vegetables in calcium can be absorbed by the body. For example, spinach and beets containing high levels of oxalate, can block the body’s absorption of calcium. Scientists also pointed out that although vegetables also calcium supplementation can be a channel, after all, but the effect is far better than dairy products.

Amount of vitamin supplements

Scientists found that the vegetarian diet is a “healthy diet”, but is also a kind of “Eclipse”, so their vitamin B12 supply tends to be a big gap. Those who do not eat dairy products, eggs, fortified soy milk and other food vegan vitamin B12 a day. In addition, vegetarians should take vitamin d, enhance calcium absorption.

Vegetarians need fat

Scientists note that vegetarians are more tired of greasy food, however, moderate intake of good fats are not only beneficial to health, and also can play a role in cancer prevention. However, for vegetarians, because they do not eat fish, eggs, and seafood, they are often unable to get this type of fat. As an alternative, vegetarians can eat things like flaxseed oil, soybean oil and walnuts to the food.

Scientists also point out that, generally speaking, a healthy diet should contain the body needs all kinds of elements and nutrients, so when stress eating more vegetables and fruit, should not be able to provide other important nutrients for human body non-food vegetable and fruit shall be excluded. For those who have already reached unacceptable food vegetarian meat, you need to carefully analyze your current diet, at least through the use of substitute foods or adding vitamins to make up for some nutrient gaps so that they can both keep the used diet and at the same time do not affect the normal operation of the various parts of the body. Take one packet a day Bo Li Le nutritional powder, because Boli joy contains bioactive omega3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and lecithin, and biologically active chromium is one of the most effective enhancers of insulin, vitamin e and other essential nutrients. So you can avoid a vegetarian nutrient imbalances in your body’s health.

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