Porridge with four beauty make you glow

Spring is here, people feel refreshed with the weather warming up, but to have a good skin, of course of diet nursing care, here are four spring beauty porridge for members to choose from.

Candy bird’s nest porridge: bird’s nest have moist skin, blood and nourishing effect. Nests from 3 g crystal sugar amount, bring it to a porridge-like to eat, if we can add 5 grams of sweet almond Cook, the cosmetic result is better.

White fungus with Pigeon egg soup: Tremella and invigorating the kidney and tonifying kidney Chinese medicine beauty of old age. After taking white fungus with 15 grams of water thick stew into pigeon two plus sugar simmered stew and serve.

Porridge of Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemum contains essential oil, choline and amino acids and chrysanthemum glycosides, vitamin a and vitamin b, and so on. In Chinese medicine, chrysanthemum soup can liver blood, wind glare, apart from heat, thirst, improves eyesight, not only beauty, but also to prevent disease such as high blood pressure. Rice cooked to porridge, then ground into a powder of Chrysanthemum 10 g mix at the end.

Jujube soup: take rice 60 g, jujube 10, date added in the rice, Cook until cooked porridge rotten jujube. Jujube is rich in vitamin e, ate dates porridge can make rosy, electrically alive.

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