Longevity in this man in a few words

Many men are through hard work, selfless struggle to succeed, but the overdraft is behind the success of health, follow the aging has become an unavoidable reality. Healthy, no matter to whom it is an important issue. Men actually want to stay young as long as attention to small details in life, to form good habits can.

Live Healthy  Longevity in this man in a few words 34581203111_9c9d61ff6a_o Longevity in this man in a few words

1, used a razor blade, 5 years younger and a half.

Survey found that men who shave look 5, 5 years younger than the bearded man. Dermatology expert Dr kennisi·bier said that shaving will stimulate the production of collagen facial that leave your skin smoother.

2, eat less, remember.

Researchers found that incidence intake less calories helps to reduce inflammation, and inflammation can cause cognitive decline. Scientists say, it is better to 30% reduce the daily intake of calories, like eating 2500 calories a day, it’s best to cut 750 calories.

3, sleep, and face are not old.

Long-term sleep deprivation can accelerate aging of the face, because the muscles around the eyes, rapid eye movement during sleep, exercise, get enough sleep, eye muscles will atrophy, leaving dark circles.

4, regular exercise, 10 years younger.

Studies have shown that 3-hour intensity workout each week, can make you feel 10 years younger.

5, brain training, 15 years younger.

“Brain teasers” brain training, such as title, allows access to people aged 30 to 45 years old brain power and memory capacity.

6, heart rate slow and long service life.

Want to stay young, you must have a strong heart, blood flows slow and effectively. From the American heart, lung and Blood Institute’s Mike? Laue said: “man’s average life expectancy is heartbeat 3 billion times, if we can slow the heartbeat, you can extend your life. ”

7, there is morning, when younger.

Morning erection hardness higher, represents the younger male blood vessels. Studies have shown that male sex life less than 1 times a week, ED (erectile dysfunction) will rise about twice the incidence of, and sex 3 times a week or more, ED 4 times times.

8, body fat, 10 years older.

Studies have found that man’s body mass index (BMI) increased by 5 points (the equivalent of 13, 5 kg of weight), their testosterone levels will drop “age 10” level.

9, oral health, mind spirit.

New research shows that intelligence was significantly lower than that of patients with dental dental health. The reason is that bleeding gums can lead to more serious problems of inflammation in the body, causing brain damage. Brushing teeth, using dental floss to clean the teeth, oral hygiene, the brain can be more sensitive.

10, a glass of wine a day and lived to be 85.

New research suggests that a small amount of alcohol a day (not more than 3 cups), can increase the chances of life expectancy to 85 97%.

11, sleep control in 7-8 hours, the longest life expectancy.

New study finds that men less than 7 hours of sleep per night, 26% increased risk for premature death, but more than 8 hours, would be an increased risk of premature death 24%.

12, vitamin a in addition to eye pattern.

With increasing age, significantly slowing down the process of cell cycle, lack of collagen of the skin. The thickness of the thinnest skin in the human body, only 0, 02 mm the most obvious eye. New studies have found that vitamin a help to produce new collagen, wrinkle effect.

13, farm benefits and longevity.

Experts have found that farmers live twice times likely to city residents. Male appropriate flowers, grasses, do the work, and be conducive to longevity.

14, eat more spinach, long muscles.

Muscular men, and look younger. Healthy tips based on spinach can indeed promote protein synthesis, helps muscle growth. In addition, the spinach can prevent.

Men anti-aging 5 key

1, to believe that their sexual function is normal, strong, healthy and rich fertility. Based on the position in the spirit, which is essential for middle-aged people tend to be.

2, pay attention to the appearance of the young. Elderly seeking young mood, will make the body is young; on the contrary, fear of aging, often sigh at “old men”, in the spirit of doing aging prisoners, you will soon fall into the situation of the elderly.

3, regular exercise, especially jogging or walking, focus on lower body exercise. Rise and fall of the sexual function “key” at the waist and feet.

4, diet nutrition, may be more appropriate in some seafood foods, seafood with “zinc”, is useful for libido.

5, be self motivated, passionate about work. Some people long for comfortable life after retirement, content with the grandkids, its early aging is inevitable. Even retired, also should look for something that their interest in public affairs.

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