Health eat these 6 best melon in the summer!

Now in the summer, then you know how do health during the summer? Usually can eat these 6 kinds of melons. Come in the summer, and heat also come. How to spend the hot summer? 6 tell you.

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Summer health eat these six

Winter melon

Cold winter melon, melon and a diuretic, clearing heat and phlegm, flesh to quench their thirst and other effects, can also be edema, clears phlegm, heat treatment, hemorrhoids, etc. Drink, Pearl barley soup with winter melon and Lotus leaves, clear hot and humid. But spleen, Yang-Qi deficiency, deficiency of weight loss are advised not to take.

Luffa cylindrica

Chinese medicine believes that luffa is cool, sweet, clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood to stop bleeding, and pass the Meridian, bloodline, beauty, cancer, and other effects. Consumption or use liquid facial Loofah for a long time, also makes the skin smooth, delicate, with anti-wrinkle anti-inflammatory, prevention, eliminate acne, and melanin deposition in special effects. Weak long illness, weakness of the spleen and indigestion people are eating less is appropriate.

Bitter melon

Contains charantin, bitter principle, with unique bitter taste. Beat the pure in heart, in addition to the hot, on gastric fever, heat diarrhoea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and discharge patients had better results. Bitter gourd helps control blood sugar and prevent diabetes, while blocking fat absorption, helping weight loss. But pregnant women should eat less bitter melon. In addition, blood pressure, low blood sugar, deficient cold of spleen and stomach to eat too much.


Fruits of the first, not only has food value, and high medical value, is the share of heat, thirst, diuretic, people have “natural broth,” said. When it comes to heat, especially with a fever, and holding watermelons to sleep, apply an ice pack to cool effectively. But cold watermelon, one cannot eat too much.


Melons, one of the most nutrient-rich, known as “every facet of medicine.” Regular consumption of excretion of enabling corruption within the gastrointestinal tract food, good for lowering cholesterol. In particular are often dry, parched lips tongue throat dried up, with gherkins as fruit eaten raw can work wonders.


Damp and hot in summer, sweets to eat too much (of the fat Atsumi, eat more easily damaged spleen and stomach), but pumpkin is an exception, sweet but not too sweet, but also has a good skill-protecting gastric mucosa. Pumpkins are rich in pectin, a substance that can form a protective film in the stomach, avoid spicy food to stomach irritation, play a role in protecting gastrointestinal mucosa; but also adsorption of heavy metals in the intestine, promoting discharge. As the pumpkin in the sugar content is very high, so people with diabetes still do not eat well. Pumpkins are also called rice, to pumpkin cereal meal good. Cut pumpkin seeds to flesh, give it a “sauna”, steamed for 15 minutes, while millet, black sticky rice, mixed with cooked grains such as sorghum meal.

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