Effect of towel gourd and skin allergy

Is one of our common fruits and vegetables on the dining table, Loofah nutritious, rich in calcium, iron, and B1, vitamin c and other nutrients. Summer is coming, luffa, but summer health Oh, here come with small series and see how what is Loofah eats, what therapeutic value now!

In Chinese medicine, cool, sweet towel gourd, into the liver and stomach; with heat, and cooling blood to stop bleeding, pass the Meridian, bloodline, beauty, cancer, and other effects.

Improve immunity to prevent cardiovascular disease

Towel gourd is rich in vitamin c, and vitamin c protect dental health, prevention, scavenging free radicals help prevent cancer, protect cells, detoxifying, protect the liver, enhance immunity, emergency response capacity. Often food can prevent, or cardiovascular disease.


Luffa extract of Japanese encephalitis virus has preventive effect, tissue extract in the culture medium to a Loofah with Epsom alkyd anti allergic substances, which he has a very strong anti-allergic effects.

Beauty skin care

Gourd containing vitamin B1 prevents skin aging, vitamin c can increase the skin components, can protect the skin, eliminate plaque, makes the skin white, delicate. Towel gourd juice has “beautiful water,” said.


Towel gourd is rich in b vitamins, b vitamins can boost metabolism and synthesis of estrogen and progestin, to the effectiveness of breast.

Small Tip: Loofah is high in nutritional value, there are a variety of effects, but cold towel gourd, eat lubricating the bowel purgative. Spleen, loose stools are advised not to take it. In addition, cough, phlegm is white, or patients with sputum foam, food will be worse, unfit for human consumption.

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