Yogurt can you lose weight effectively with brown sugar

Yogurt with brown sugar, is now a popular online weight-loss method, but this method can really achieve the desired weight loss, what is it, below we analyze to find out why it can help weight loss effect.

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First, methods

Yogurt and brown sugar is particularly popular on the network’s weight-loss formula, it was even said that? so eat, lost 24 pounds a month. Some people believe that yogurt are low in calories with high protein, high heat brown sugar and rich in trace elements and vitamins, they can complement each other. There are even many users according to this method, and came up with many versions, for example, a brand effect of lactic acid bacteria is the best, if the above doesn’t work, increase to 1 day 1 day 1 3 times.

Second, side effects

Proposed North of blue mushrooms 9 g, bees; the honey after the amount of milling water brewed into tea, good results, no side effects. Based on yoghurt + brown sugar over Reed magnet Meridian can see brown sugar yogurt diet is the best partner. External body sculpting stick endocrine system regulate human basal metabolic rate increases, will need a lot of trace elements and vitamins. Through complementary to the sour cream brown sugar, you can achieve better weight loss, which is unmatched by fruit juices and other drinks.

The three, from the point of view of nutrition analysis

Brown sugar and sour cream are no conflicts, but without the function of helping each other, only two energy overlay. If you are using “yogurt + brown sugar” instead of dinner, does reflect the weight loss in a week, because it belongs to the “diet”, but “+ brown sugar yogurt” daily energy needs cannot be provided, when weight-loss effects, dizziness, tinnitus, inability to concentrate, this phenomenon is hypoglycemia.

Four, mechanism

A cup of yogurt + 2 g red pool mix, before or after dinner drink, two to three times a day, adjusting the intestinal environment. Fat burn more easily after fasting, in order to avoid a sour stomach feeling.

Brown sugar has a diuretic effect, good bacteria in yogurt promotes intestinal digestion and won’t have any side effects to the body. Eat three meals a day is normal, people managed to lose 24 pounds, although exact value depends on individual physical and keep on.

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