Three facts about jelly and you just have to know

The truth II: sweeteners over against

China Consumer Association of 7 brands of test results show the 19 kinds of jellies, 9 samples using sweeteners, cyclamate; 7 ones cyclamate levels exceed national standards.

Sweetener includes sugar, saccharin, cyclamate and other food additives, no harm to the human body itself, but if the manufacturer does not add the doses prescribed by the State, it is easy to cause harm to the body. Experts draw attention, if the dose exceeds the national standards for food additives in jelly, is harmful to the body. Even the jelly itself in line with national standards for food additives, if you are eating too much, it can result in excessive accumulation of food additives in the body, would also have a negative effect on the body.

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Truth three: to be careful eating jelly asphyxia

There are many production enterprise on the market today, the manufacturers add often do not comply with national regulations to jelly material, there are some micro-organisms and bacteria standard, patchy. For example, at the time of purchase if you find jelly color is too strong, generally belong to the colorant added in excess, so you should be careful to purchase food.

Because the infant body’s self-protection mechanism is not completely in consuming jelly jelly prone into the trachea or bronchus, formation of foreign body organs lead to suffocation. Although much of the jelly on the package is “Note: children not to choking to prevent gagging throat”, “babies don’t eat” description, but most people didn’t notice these instructions before eating jelly. Experts suggest that, in the original, jelly is not the description on the package, then a number of infants to eat jelly choking accidents, jelly has appeared only on the packaging of the descriptive text.

About 1 years old children should not eat jelly because little teeth of young children during this period, do not chew, crush jelly properly, once the smoke through the glottis, suffocated to death in a few minutes. Since jelly is a gelatinous material, even if dredging is also difficult, require surgery. Also, older children are wise not to use jelly, best bite to eat, or spoon feeding. Most jellies no hints in this regard on the outer package, especially bulk jelly, you should be aware of.

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