Three facts about jelly and you just have to know

Sweet delicious jelly, always is a favorite snacks, including adults, but in fact, adds a number of other substances in the jelly, eat unhealthy.

Jelly is not fruit products, but by thickening agent, flavoring, coloring agents, sweeteners and other materials are prepared, the main ingredient is sodium alginate and agar, gelatin and essences, pigments, etc. Children eating too much jelly can affect the body’s absorption of fats, proteins, interfere with the absorption of trace elements such as iron, zinc and can lead to abnormal taste, pica syndrome. Make jelly produces enticing aromas of flavors, are lipids and aldehyde compounds soluble in alcohol from the preparation of the jelly the bright color is the result of adding artificial pigment. Add artificial flavors, artificial colors of jelly eating, not only without any nutritional value, and because the liver and detoxification excretory function of the kidneys in children is low, easy to make toxic substances accumulate in the body, hinder the body’s metabolism, affecting the development of children and adolescents. In recent years, domestic infant suffocation deaths due to eat jelly events have occurred.

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The truth: jelly ingredients are water and carrageenan

Some say jelly is made from water and food additives such as carrageenan, the human body and has no nutritional value, so edible jelly doesn’t make any sense.

Jelly have any nutrition? Experts say jelly is mainly water and carrageenan. Carrageenan is a dietary fiber on intestinal functions have some benefit, but if you eat too much, and may interfere with the body’s absorption of minerals and other nutrients. Of course, jelly in jelly, the manufacturer would add a small amount of fruit juice and fruit puree, some brands of jelly which are directly taken from the fruit pulp, although these fruit pulp of a nutrient, but compared to eat fruit, its nutrient content is much lower. In addition, jelly in jelly, the manufacturer will add some nutrition enhancer, adding Vc and calcium lactate, in order to improve the nutritional value of jelly. However, from the nutritional point of view, jelly the heat provided by fall far short of needed by the human body.

From a nutritional standpoint, children should drink milk, eat some fruit, diet, not a partial eclipse, jellies for food as little as possible. Taking into account the rich taste, eats some jelly, but try not to eat too much. Children eat is limited, eating too much jelly takes a child eats, makes the children lack sufficient nutritional supplements Health space, not conducive to the development of a child’s body and eat too much or eat jelly frequently, may also make the child too much buildup of carrageenan and other thickeners, sweeteners, colouring agents and preservatives, harmful to children’s health.

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