Eat 4 meals, and yellow face woman says goodbye

Women of a certain age are apt to be called yellow face woman, because many skin problems are starting to trickle out, what foods you can eat to improve your skin in your life?

To the women of a certain age, it will slowly into the “yellow face woman” category: special tend to become dry, dull skin, eyes, mouth also quietly out of small fine lines. These are often troubled the majority of women friends, how to solve? Xiao bian recommended 4 kinds of yellow food below, these four types of food but can eat good Oh!

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Corn: the maintenance of skin

Corn is rich in cellulose, can not only stimulate intestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation, you can promote the metabolism of cholesterol, accelerate the drainage of toxins in the intestine. Corn germ extract corn oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic acid 60%, clear of harmful cholesterol in the blood, prevent arteriosclerosis. Corn is also rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and so on, on gastrointestinal function in nerve conduction and protection, prevention of beriberi disease, myocarditis, maintain the skin effectively.

Chrysanthemum: eliminate puffy eyes

You can usually drink a cup of Chamomile tea, can cause eye fatigue symptoms subside, if you drink three to four cups of tea a day, also helps to restore vision, also can play a role in eliminating swelling.

Bananas: clear intestines

Banana flavor is sweet and cold, have high medicinal value. Main function is to clear the stomach, cure constipation, and clearing away heat and lungs, polydipsia, fill the essence, such as hangover effects. Bananas contain rich in soluble fiber, or pectin to help digestion, adjust gastrointestinal function.

Soybeans: whitening skin care

Soybeans-rich soybean isoflavone, this phytoestrogen can improve skin aging, but also ease menopause syndrome. In addition, Japanese researchers found that beans contain linoleic acid can effectively block the synthesis of melanin in the skin cells.

Contains vitamins and pectin, pectin has a good adhesion, bonding and ridding the body of harmful bacteria, toxins and other substances, such as heavy metals lead, mercury and radioactive elements, can play a role in detoxification. Pumpkin pectin contained glue can also protect the stomach Mucosa, from rough foods stimulate and promote healing of ulcers, suitable for portal hypertensive gastropathy. Pumpkin ingredients can promote the secretion of bile, strengthening gastrointestinal peristalsis, helping digestion of food.

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