How to identify themselves have been lit?

51 during May Day holiday, eat, play cards all night, all night playing games, this life will make your body fire after fire do? 51 during May Day holiday, many people will travel in the major wine dinner, meal meat snack constantly, resulting in “feeding the fire” or the phenomenon of after the fire, along with small series below to see it.

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After the fire to do

Anger to strong

Main symptoms: anger to exuberant mainly caused by irregular life, mood, leisurely. Traditional Chinese medicine and the “liver” is, so often suffered strong performance for some of the symptoms such as blurred vision, eye discharge, redness, dry eyes, ringing, etc.

The remedy: liver fire flaming people, long Dan Xie Gan Wan is the best choice. Although some time ago “taking the medication may affect renal function” in the media, but we don’t worry too much. Previous longdanxiegan pills contain mutong that long-term use can damage the kidneys. But now drug use drugs such as pith material instead of wood through it, as long as no substantial long-term use is safe. In addition, the effect of Chrysanthemum pill has the effect of relieving, the role of pain, to relieve headache, tinnitus caused by liver fire flaming effect is very good.

If they were women suffered strong symptoms such as breast tenderness, pain, and can be used with shugan Jieyu, clearing for purging liver effect of Dan Zhi xiaoyao pills.


Main symptoms: bloating, constipation, bad breath. We are together more during the holiday season, eating greasy, spicy hot food, and gastrointestinal accumulated heat is very common.

Remedy: If the main symptom is bloating, in addition to the new Qing Ning tablets mentioned above, but can also use a negative, stagnation, in addition to expansion of jianweixiaoshi Tablet and baohe pill. Jianweixiaoshi tablet is more familiar with the digestive medicine, symptoms can without the heavy use of the drug. Baohe pills apply to food stagnation, abdominal swelling and pain, poor appetite, efficacy is strong. But want to eat cold medication process fat and are difficult to digest food, so as not to affect their efficacy.

If severe symptoms of bad breath, constipation, you can choose the red pill and liuwei nengxiao pills. Red pill with qingre xiehuo, diuretic laxative effect; liuwei nengxiao pill is the name of Tibetan medicine, with wind and stomach, but taking it to avoid eating spicy food.

Gastric and lung-fire

Main symptoms: tongue, nasal sores, throat swelling and pain, and so on.

The remedy: the preferred new Qing Ning tablets in such patients, the drug’s main ingredient is cooked rhubarb, purging fires aperient effect, heat conduction downwards, for a fire caused by a toothache, sore throat has a good effect. In addition, Fang Feng Tong Sheng Wan is also a good choice, table through it solutions, clearing heat and detoxifying effect, is the treatment of exogenous pathogenic wind, headache, dry throat, sore since the beginning of diseases in traditional Chinese medicine. Moreover, the drugs can clear out hot, and can be worked cold, very suitable for lit and cold and some patients.

In addition, you can also choose niuhuang Qingwei Wan and fire balls of cow-bezoar, both medicines for excess heat caused by mouth sores, wind fire has a toothache, sore throat curative effect is good. But need to be aware of is that many people often confuse both drugs with niuhuang shangqing pills, pill suitable for liver and stomach on fire cause headaches dizziness, Mu Chi, tinnitus, different from the former two drugs, do not mess with.

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