7 foods good for men’s health

According to statistics, male 4 of the 10 leading causes of death associated with diet, including cancer, heart disease, cerebral vascular disease and diabetes. 7 foods helpful for men’s health, what is it?

Soy bean

Many people know of soybean plant hormone, to the women, but soy is also great food for men. For example the Japanese man who ate soy products, risk of developing prostate cancer than men in the West. And soybeans as effective to improve the men’s bone loss.

Men over 60 years of age, bones will begin to drain, and menopausal women as serious. And that eating soy can add lecithin, lecithin has been confirmed associated with short-term memory and learning capacity.

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Pumpkin seeds

Men 40 years later, most people have an enlarged prostate problems. An experiment in America found that make enlarged prostate patients taking melon extract, reduced the number of patients with frequent urination, improves symptoms. And seeds are the best sources of vitamin e, anti-aging. Seeds can be bought in supermarkets, some products are a variety of mixed nuts and can be sprinkled on salads eaten, or weekday eaten as snacks.


B-carotene into vitamin a in the body, enhance the body immunity, inhibit cell deterioration, such as reactive oxygen species. In addition, rich in potassium, with a blood pressure-lowering effect, as well as dietary fiber can play whole bowel function. B-carotene-rich carrots are so popular is because it can prevent cancer.

Symptoms of prostate hyperplasia symptoms rarely before the age of 50, but the vast majority of patients with symptoms of illness aggravating and a variety of … …


Seafood can enhance sexual performance. Male semen contains large amounts of zinc as zinc deficiency in the body, may affect the sperm quantity and quality. Seafood in the diet of oysters, shrimp, crabs of zinc, the most abundant, a small oyster is almost equal to demand for zinc in a day (15 mg).


Garlic has strong bactericidal power, so they can destroy invading germs in the body. In addition, it provides vitamin B1 absorption, carbohydrate metabolism to produce energy and reduce fatigue. Another important function of garlic promotes immunity.

Garlic contains lead selenide with antioxidant effect, is seen as a cancer food. Men suits can improve physical fitness and physical health.

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Tomato acidity can promote the secretion of gastric juices to help digest protein, also rich in vitamin c combined relationships between cells, produce collagen, strong blood vessels. The most abundant minerals are potassium, due to the help of salt in the blood, therefore has the function of reducing blood pressure. In all kinds of fruits and vegetables, tomato red pigment content in the highest. Tomato red pigment in human body parts with the highest concentration in testicular, prostate, adrenal glands, these parts are related to the male hormone production, which directly affects the amount of male hormone secretion men’s sexuality.

Foods high in vitamin c

Male at the age of 24 after sperm quantity and quality is going downhill, and if there’s an elixir to get aging sperm vitality again, which is vitamin c. Professor of obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Texas, William. Harris, his experiments showed that males take 1000 mg of vitamin c per day, taken after 60 days, their sperm count increase 60%, 30% increase in activity, abnormal sperm also decreased.

Foods high in vitamin c has Kiwi, oranges, oranges, green broccoli, asparagus, etc. The other hand, men often at high pressure, need nutritional supplements. Vitamin c helps Deputy cortisol (a stress hormone) secretion can fight stress.

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