Summer kidney eats Yam

Yams have tonifying the spleen and the stomach, Sheng Jin Yi-Lung, kidney deficiency effects, watch the ball stayed up that injury of spleen and stomach and kidney damage, eat some yams can reduce some health hazards. Moreover, Yam kidney best, staying up late is very suitable. Matching red beans in addition to detoxification, tonifying deficiency and kidney function, and nourishing the blood, removing efficiency of wet, so eat red beans on physically. Honey is a nutritional natural nourishing food, will also have a beauty to stay up the skin and laxative effects, and stay up late to get angry.

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Ingredients: Yam 200 g red beans 30 g

Accessories: honey, 1 teaspoon

Honey Yam bean approach

1. red beans to soak overnight to bean fully rolling out

2. Add water pressure cooker beans, simmer for 15 minutes until cooked

3. Peel the Yam

4. then cut into cubes, bubble water-proof Black oxide

5. Ding Fang of Chinese Yam dish, put enough water into the water tank steam box, power Preheat to 100 degrees Celsius on the whole plate of yams and steam for 10 minutes until done, remove the

6. pour cooked red beans on Yam d, finally doused in honey

Cooking tips

1, to peel the yams when it is best to wear gloves to prevent touch there fingers itch and irritation of the mucus;

2 peeled, Yam also because it is in the process of rapid oxidation and blackening, so one can use a small water flow flushed skin;

3, when yams diced can easily turn black over a long time, so quickly after they cut, cut foam in the water to prevent the Black oxide.

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