Vegetarian food is also delicious in the summer

Eat watermelon skin very unfortunately, due to having the same access to food, particularly suitable for summer consumption, and has a very good effect, its indications, clear heat fever, thirst, diuresis, can be used to heat polydipsia, urine short, edema and mouth sores.

Tips  Vegetarian food is also delicious in the summer 34239264602_998dedcbef_o

Ingredients: watermelon Peel 150 g Edamame 150 g cucumber sauce 100 g

Accessories: pepper (red, tip) 1 vegetable oil 2 teaspoons sugar 3 grams 15 grams of salt water amount

Jade n practice

1. Remove rind red soil, both inside and outside the Green, leaving the Green rind with salt to marinate for 20 minutes

2. After you salted the skin cleaning drain

3. wash melon Pi Qieding, Mao Douqing, dice the cucumber sauce after cleaning extra

4. pour a little oil in the Pan, stir the beans, 2 grams of salt and a little under water, the beans to 9 mature

5. rind diced cucumber sauce into the pot and stir a few times

6. Add the sugar, and chopped red peppers and continue to stir for a moment you can pan

7. watermelon rind, milk crisp cucumbers, beans, crispy, with a slightly spicy, fresh and salty flavor, color, attractive, fresh and delicious

8. the summer of Anorexia, a bowl of millet gruel, a plate of jade tributyl, can wake up a good appetite

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