Dinner eating healthy to sleep well

The advent of many diseases is due to the usual accumulation of inadequate diet, patients with particularly high, such as diabetes, Gastroenterology, one of the important factors is wrong eating dinner.

High blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gallbladder disease and other chronic diseases in the past 10 years shows a high incidence trend, which are inevitably linked to improper eating dinner. Many family dinners an excellent, chicken, duck, fish, meat, eggs filled with tables, most of them are high protein, high fat, high energy foods. The dinner supplement breakfast and lunch, and one-sided pursuit of the habit of eating high fat, high protein foods, coupled with insufficient physical activity, planted inevitably in the future of health “time bomb”.

Around 6 o’clock dinner best, dinner to really eat well, eat healthy is not so difficult.

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First of all, dinner eat sleep, eat as much in everyone’s physical condition and personal needs may be, don’t feel hungry for the degree. Must not eat for dinner, much less support. Dinner the best arrangements at about 6 o’clock in the evening, try not to exceed 8 o’clock in the evening. Is best not to eat anything after 8, except drinking water. Also, don’t sleep for four hours after dinner, so as to eat food in the evening fully digested.

Second, fiber peacekeeping carbohydrate-containing foods should be chosen for dinner. Dinner should be more kinds of vegetables, such as spinach salad, which add vitamins can also provide fiber. Pasta can be a moderate reduction, proper eating whole grains. Can small amounts eat some fish.

For dinner try not to eat the kinds of food

Try not to eat fruit, desserts, fried food at night, try not to drink. Many people have the habit of drinking at dinner, which is not conducive to healthy, too much alcohol at night and hamper metabolism, alcohol stimulates the stomach without a rest, resulting in poor sleep. Requires special attention is the dinner do not eat foods high in calcium, such as shrimp, small fish bones and so be sure not to eat, so as not to lead to urethral calculi.

Special tip: over-taxing tend to eat a good dinner

High strength phosphatidylcholine sane person necessary for a long time, your memory. Here recommend their brains a nutritious diet for dinner: 100 g steamed carp or burning of tofu, celery and spinach salad 200 g, a cornmeal wotou, a small bowl of seaweed soup, do not add shrimp, purple or a bowl of rice porridge.

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