How can stomach “seven points”

Associate Professor of food science and nutritional engineering, China Agricultural University, Fan Zhihong

The old saying goes, “the three-Division, seven points”, which can be eaten, which cannot be eaten, even old stomach will not be able to figure out. Today said that “seven points” what?

Live Healthy  How can stomach "seven points" 33552842824_6c60dfa162_o How can stomach “seven points”

1. Attention to the gastrointestinal tract. Of people on food material compared sensitive, different food in meal Hou with to gastrointestinal of feel also different, so special to note avoid eat too more is rich in “anti-nutrition factors” (as trypsin inhibitors, and agglutination pigment, and bitter taste components,) and will inhibit protease, and starch enzyme activity of food, like health nuts, and no Cook rotten of beans, and celery, and peppers, and purple black and blue purple of food (as purple potato, and blue Berry, and mulberry,).

2. Dressing warm stomach. Ginger, peppercorns, star anise, cumin, fennel, and many spices are warm, promoting gastric acid secretion of the stomach “small master”. Ginger and fennel can play with a similar effect, can stimulate the intestines and nerves and blood vessels, promote the secretion of the digestive tract, and increased gastrointestinal motility, discharge the accumulation of gas, stomach, warm stomach, gas effect. In addition, cooking with tempeh, tofu sauce, fermentation seasoning instead of salt, to a certain extent regulate stomach acid, your stomach feel better.

3. Drink hot soup appetizer before a meal. People drink a small bowl of acid less warm, less salt chicken stock or broth, remove most of the oil slick. Dissolution of soluble nitrogen in the soup, such as amino acid, flavor, flavor nucleotides, peptides, such as creatine, which have boosted appetite, promote the role of gastric acid secretion. Increased secretion of gastric acid, can promote the absorption of trace elements such as iron, zinc, gastric parietal cell secretion of “factor” also help to absorb vitamin B12 from food.

4. Fruit, drinks too much. Most fruits have more or less inhibited the activity of amylase and eating lots of fruit and beverages will dilute stomach acid, affected its natural bactericidal and digestive capabilities. So, don’t drink after meals before a meal, do not eat too much fruit, if you crave, you can choose in between meals.

5. Increased protein and vitamins. If you have the stomach discomfort, digestive tract repair, require additional nutrients to support the body’s tissues to recover. If you only eat rice gruel for bad digestion, bad pasta, vitamin content is too low, too little protein, is not conducive to repair digestive tract. With some more milk, eggs, meat, minced chicken, fish paste, Liver paste, protein-rich ingredients, improve gastrointestinal function better. Hard-boiled eggs bad digestion, can be made into custard, egg drop soup and other food; meat available pressure cooker Cook, also use a beater even soups with meat into a paste, or cooperate with starchy ingredients, such as Yam paste chicken, boiled spinach chicken liver paste, poached egg soup with pumpkin, Yam milk, helps to promote the secretion of gastric juices, nutritional supplements. Many stomach people to drink milk, you can drink something too cold yogurt, both easy to digest, and can protect the stomach.

6. Fresh vegetables cooked soft. People with inadequate gastric acid due to insufficient sterilization, bacteria in the stomach after eating vegetable produce nitrite and protein degradation product formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines class, thereby increasing the risk of danger. Green leafy vegetables are helping to prevent a variety of diseases, so I can’t eat less food because of indigestion, chopped vegetables, add a small amount of chicken, meat, or sesame oil for cooking and eating, only ate a small bowl per meal, and not to influence the extent of eating other foods. Meals at the same time take one or two tablets of vitamin c (100 mg), to prevent formation of nitrosamines in the stomach carcinogens.

7. Avoid eating “cool”. Stomach acid is an important function of sterilization, atrophic and inadequate secretion of gastric acid, and pH in the stomach is higher than normal, sterilization ability, cannot refrain from breeding bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, especially prone to bacterial, and so on, will further reduce the digestive functions, not for a long time. So, these people should avoid eating cold rice, cold dishes, and there is no heat through leftovers. ▲

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