A man’s life is inseparable from eight kinds of food

Modern men have health to a better response. Health is very simple, as long as attention to diet, eat some good food, healthy man is not difficult. To this end, recommended eight health foods for male friends.

Men’s health, sometimes conditioning on a diet than taking any medication to be strong.

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1, one Apple heart diet

Men’s risk of developing coronary heart disease is women’s 3 times as much. Dutch scientists have discovered that 1 Apple a day can reduce the prevalence of coronary heart disease 50%. If one day a week as an “Apple day”, 400 g apples a day, often with a 5 “Apple day” will be able to stay away from coronary heart disease. Apple have anti-obesity, in “Apple day” 6 times a day after eating 1500 grams of fresh Apple, last 10 apples can be noticed.

2, 2 oranges protect gastric cancer

His stomach than women have much higher usage stomach, gastric cancer is also high. Australian medical experts found that two citrus fruits a day, they can reduce the risk of gastric cancer by 50%.

3, 3 a watermelon is equivalent to 1 tablets of “viagra”

-In a large amount of citrulline and “viagra” similar pharmacological effects. Eat watermelon is good for men, but stomach not good male friends to control, because watermelon is the cold foods, too much may cause certain effects to the stomach.

4, 10 grapes block stroke

Man’s risk of developing heart disease and stroke than women. As long as we eat 10 grapes, better not to peel, they can easily solve the problem.

5, 20 cherry against arthritis

Often run outdoors men prone to arthritis. Eat cherries or drinking cherry juice, you can prevent arthritis. 20 a day with sour cherries, you can control pain from arthritis.

6, 50 g pumpkin seeds to protect the prostate

Prostate is a middle-aged man one of the hardest-hit areas. Every day ate 1 pumpkin seeds (50 grams) can be assured by the harassment.

7, eat more spinach protect eyesight

2~4 times a week can achieve the objective to protect the vision of spinach.

8, eat Goji tonifying kidney and strengthening vitality

Kidney is the men’s compulsory. Kidney is the pillar men. Past popular supplemental form, thought eating offal and seafood could reach the kidney function. However, organs and seafood foods high cholesterol tend to lead to high blood pressure and other problems. For middle-aged and older men, without caring for cholesterol. Probably rich in vitamin e and cholesterol foods are good for kidney, and lycium barbarum is undoubtedly the first choice. Black sesame seeds, walnuts are great to recommend kidney.

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