Yogurt effect at different times different? When drinking the best

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Nutrient-rich yogurt, sweet and sour taste, but yogurt should also pay attention to, and too often careful to avoid misunderstandings today will teach you some considerations on yogurt, make you healthier yogurt.

Yogurt is made from milk fermented taste sweet, smooth, nutrient-rich, loved by the people. It is a unique feature of nutrition, to adjust the balance of microorganisms in the body. Compare with fresh milk, yogurt, fresh milk has all the signs of not only nutrients, and during the process of fermentation, milk lactose, proteins are broken down into smaller molecules (such as Galactose), proteins form a small block of milk fat content than cow’s milk increased by twice, more easily absorbed by the digestive tract. Yogurt promotes digestion and absorption, increase appetite, also has anti-cancer effects. Drink milk for easy baby diarrhea, yogurt that’s prone to bloating, gas or diarrhea.

The four best time to drink yogurt

Yogurt 1, evening the most calcium supplements

12 to midnight is the lowest human blood calcium levels when conducive to the absorption of calcium in the diet, while night 12 hours from this time period, factors affecting the absorption of calcium in the body is less.

2, the use of computer to eat yogurt after anti-radiation effect is most pronounced

Yogurt can decrease the radiation damage, inhibit radiation later the effects of the decline in the number of lymphocytes, so it is best to accept the yogurt after the radiation.

Yogurt 3 and in the afternoon the most energy

Tyrosine in yogurt to ease the psychological pressure is too large and high tension and anxiety caused by human fatigue has been a big help. By lactic acid bacteria fermentation, protein, peptide, amino acid in yogurt and other particles become small, greatly improved free tyrosine content, more easy to absorb. Drink a cup of yogurt in the afternoon, allowing Office workers to relax, in full all afternoon, more conducive to improving efficiency.

4, the best yogurt to the stomach after meals

If you drink on an empty stomach the yogurt, it’s easy to stimulate gastric emptying, nutrients in yogurt too late to complete digestion and absorption are discharged, drunk after a meal can reduce the stimulus, let the yogurt was slowly absorbed in the stomach and helps digestion.

Eight categories of people eating yogurt will work better

1, lactose intolerance. The lactose in milk is a milk diarrhea “culprits”. In the course of fermentation of milk into yogurt, part of lactose into lactic acid and other organic acids, thus reducing the “lactose intolerance” issue. In addition, lactic acid bacteria themselves also produce a large amount of “lactose” helps the body to digest lactose. Therefore, most who drink yogurt lactose intolerance.

2, people with low immunity. Research proves that yogurt can activate the body’s immune system, and inhibit tumors.

3, high blood pressure. Research shows that moderate intake of dairy products is conducive to the prevention and control of hypertension, low-fat dairy products, fermented dairy products is conducive to stroke prevention. In fact, the health effect of yogurt than milk even more sure. Even if there is no live bacteria reaches the large intestine, which contains nutrients for controlling blood pressure, very useful. Arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure are suitable to drink yogurt.

4, people taking antibiotics. Antibiotics can cause intestinal microflora disorders, lowers immunity, so people taking antibiotics should always eat yogurt to adjust the balance of bacteria to protect human body resistance. After stopping, continue to drink yogurt for some time, you can greatly reduce the side effects of antibiotics to restore the body’s normal balance of bacteria.

5, in patients with osteoporosis. Milk is fermented after which improve solubility of calcium, phosphorus, absorption rate has improved. Research has shown that yogurt is one of the highest rate of calcium absorption in the natural foods, especially for patients with osteoporosis.

6 people, indigestion. Compared with ordinary milk, yogurt protein more easily absorbed, after fermentation produces lactic acid also inhibits the propagation of harmful microorganisms and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and secretion of digestive juice, increase the absorption of minerals, especially for indigestion, the elderly and children.

7, people who frequent constipation. Yogurt contains a large number of active lactic acid bacteria, and can adjust the balance of bacteria in the body, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and relieve constipation. Drinking on an empty stomach can better facilitate defecation.

8, people with bad breath. Studies have shown that people with bad breath, drink sugar-free yogurt drink for six weeks, the symptoms will improve. Mainly in the yogurt probiotics play a role in intestinal, yogurt in vitamin d have to kill bad breath causing bacteria in the gastrointestinal effects. Worth noting is that sterilization will greatly decrease the sugar yogurt.

Yogurt note the following:

1, do not heat

Lactic acid bacteria activity in yogurt, milk, such as heating or boiling water to dilute, a large number of deaths, not only unique smell, even nutritional value will be lost.

2, about 2 hours after dinner drink

Optimum PH value the pH to 5.4 per cent of the growth of lactic acid bacteria, fasting gastric PH value below 2, such as drinking yogurt, lactic acid bacteria are killed, health has weakened. If gastric juice diluted after a meal, PH value rises to 3-5.

3, after drinking mouthwash

With the development of lactic acid Beverage series, children’s dental caries rates are increasing, this is some of the lactic acid bacteria bacteria plays a leading role.

4, do not feed the baby

Yogurt contains less calcium, while the baby is growing and needs a lot of calcium. Although antibiotics generated by lactic acid bacteria in yoghurt can inhibit and destroy many pathogens microorganisms, but also undermines the growth of beneficial bacteria, but also affect the normal digestive function, is particularly bad for preterm infants with gastroenteritis in infants and more.

5, not with some drugs taken

Such as chloramphenicol, erythromycin antibiotics, sulfa drugs and some drug to treat diarrhea, can kill or damage of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt.

Some considerations for yogurt, do you remember?

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