Men should eat three vegetables: broccoli and prostate cancer prevention

Most men on vegetables and fruits such “feminization” scoff at the food, and prefer to call themselves carnivores. However, says a new report from the Institute of food, as long as the consumption of a small amount of broccoli each week, helps prevent prostate cancer.

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The study subjects were divided into two groups per week 4 servings of broccoli or peas, respectively. Results showed that eating broccoli in a group of patients to a “tumor suppressor gene” attacks can protect men from prostate cancer. Is the only lung cancer male prostate cancer, second cancer killer, 680,000 people worldwide suffer from the disease every year, 220,000 people died as a result. The first human study, recently published in the journal public library of science. Apart from the broccoli, and belong to the Brassicaceae, cauliflower, cabbage, anti-cancer effect is not bad, and men should eat more.


Worth mentioning is that the tomato is a fruit and vegetables men should not to be missed. Which is not only rich in vitamin c, the tomato red and “unblock” glands, prostate disease prevention roles.


In addition, men should also learn “Popeye”, eat more spinach. Spinach contains magnesium and carbohydrates into usable energy in the muscles, to increase the effectiveness of male muscle strength. Of course, for men, spinach more significant advantage is the synthesis of folic acid and iron promotes red blood cells, increasing the amount of blood to carry oxygen, accelerate blood circulation and can fundamentally improve male sexual quality of life.

(Taken from the Hong Kong commercial daily)

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