Do you love to eat the fish’s liver cancer prevention the most effective

According to the science and technology daily reported that the Japanese National Cancer Center has released the results of a survey said eat mackerel, mackerel, sardines and other blue fish and eels in the back of the people, and don’t eat the fish, compared to about 40% risk of developing liver cancer.

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Blue in the back of the fish such as mackerel in Japan called “herring”, these fish very high levels of unsaturated fatty acids in the body. Researchers in the years 1995-2008, 9 Prefecture in Japan of about 90,000 residents of 45~74sui as object, followed for a long time. Researchers recorded the man eating sardines, eel, 8 species, 8 species are selected types of unsaturated fatty acid content is higher. Results showed that daily total intake reaches about 70.6 g of fish mentioned above a group of people, and taking 9.6 grams a day compared to a group of people, had a 36% lower risk of liver cancer.

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