Tears two eat easily remove body moisture

Moisture intrusion can cause loss of appetite and other symptoms appear, if not remove moisture on human health with psychological effects are great. Get rid of humidity, the main method is therapeutic, in life there are many foods that have dampness effects. So do tears you can dampness? Next will be focused on these aspects are described in more detail.

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Barley can be wet?

Pearl barley is in the spleen, spleen dehumidification. According to medicinal properties, the dampness in TCM drugs, spicy and warm dry or sweet and light permeability and Lee. Spicy warm dry such as orange peel, you can dampness and phlegm, it’s like water drying up a torch. This can be good or bad, the bonus is wet in addition to faster, harm is “fire”, is likely to put the kettle boil dry.

Barley sweet light, moisture permeability good water permeability, like dredging the waterways as the water drained away. General is cold, and as a fruit, seeds and drug quality heavy drug settlement, settlement can permeability good. Barley cool settlement, is a commonly used wet with water permeability of drugs. As the Materia Medica is said: “tears, sweet light, cool, slightly reduced permeability, thus to dampness and diuresis. “Compared to dampness, is characterized by infiltration of the seed wet, safe. Most importantly, dampness is different, their methods are not the same, but tears in dampness on the dehumidifier is more widely used.

Seed of dampness is best fried barley water or cook some soup. NET seed simmer FRY fried barley is taken, to pale yellow, and when you take out, let cool, slight Burns, slightly fragrant. Brewing methods of traditional Chinese medicine, there is also a drug with wheat bran and stir, fried barley bran. Heat after the first into the bran, the amount used for barley one-tenth, when heated to smoking, add NET-tears, until surface is yellow when muster out, sieve to cool after wheat bran, a slight aroma. Briefly the scent. The differences according to traditional Chinese medicine roasting, generally divided into fried Coke, fried and fried yellow medicine carbon. Fried yellow is used in a slow fire fried herbs and natural aroma, or blown up, burst in to degree. Fried yellow soothe the partial nature of the drug, while the aroma emitted, and Qi-Qi.

Barley can be wet? Believe that through the introduction of the above, we already know. The above shows that, Pearl barley with good effect of dampness, if you have a loss of appetite, sleep drooling or poop marshmallows can eat the seed of dampness.

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