Old Chinese ancestral ten Yang Shen trick

Traditional medicine is magical, that most mysterious of organs, congenital acquired is nursed back to health. Pay attention to the kidney of Chinese medicine for this, so the secret of all the living do not pass lies on the renal tone, look old with today recommended ten tonifying kidney method of traditional Chinese medicine.

Live Healthy  Old Chinese ancestral ten Yang Shen trick 34393659845_d0ca5f7d72_o Old Chinese ancestral ten Yang Shen trick

, Protect your feet

Feet warm is a method of nourishing kidney. This is because the kidney from the Plantar, foot is vulnerable to cold attacks. Therefore, pay special attention to foot to keep warm, when feet are air conditioning or fans should not be; do not walk barefoot in damp places long.

In addition, there are many points on the soles, Yongquan. “Kidney Springs, Springs foot heart also. “Every night before going to bed can rubbing the soles of Yongquan, massage Yongquan can play a solid renal effects.

Second, the stool to open

Stool is impeded, the Park Reserve, foul air upside not only upset, impatient, chest distress, and can cause damage the kidneys, causing backache fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Therefore, keep the bowels, and Yang Shen.

Bout when stool, available hands and stick to dual-kidney area, massage can stimulate kidney-Qi, speed up bowel; walking, rubbing hands back and kidney areas, can relieve backache symptom.

Three, water nourishthe kidneys

Water is the source of life. Lack of water, may cause turbidity toxin-sheets, increasing the burden of kidney.

Therefore, regular drinking water is a very important method of nourishing kidney.

Four, not urine

Storage of urine in the bladder reaches a certain level, will stimulate the nerve, resulting in micturition reflex. Must be timely to toilets, urinate exhaust clean. Otherwise, the accumulation of urine will become polluted air, against the kidney.

Therefore, when the urine is discharged, is one of the best method of nourishing kidney.

Five, swallowing Jin Yang Shen

The saliva in the mouth is divided into two parts: thin as salivary, master by spleen; thick spit from the kidney. You can do an experiment that gave it spit out the saliva in the mouth, less than a day, you will feel soreness at the waist, fatigue.

This, in turn, proved, swallowing fluids can nourish the kidney, to protect kidney function.

Six, diet kidney

Food has a lot of kidney.

But black sesame, black fungus, black rice, black beans, black foods, such as the kidney, walnuts, leek, shrimp and lamb kidney can also play a role in kidney and kidney.

Seven, sleep, Yang Shen

Adequate sleep for blood biochemistry, kidney essence maintenance plays an important role. Clinical findings, many kidney failure patients have too stay up, fatigue, lack of sleep experience.

Therefore, do not stay up late, and develop good work habits, early to bed and early to rise, kidney-friendly conservation.

Eight, avoid hard sex

Manual heavy injuries, heavy mental disorder of the blood, Dr excessive precision. So be sure to get the work, sex.

Contribute to renal care and kidney essence.

Nine drugs, alert

Whether the Chinese medicine or Western medicine, there are some side effects, drugs in uniforms or kidney damage.

So in order to be vigilant to carefully read this instruction manual you want when taking a drug for a long time to consult the experts

Ten, moving Yang Shen

Life is movement. Exercise raises the kidney there is virtual, it is worthwhile to promote positive measures.

Here introduces you to contribute to kidney deficiency and correcting simple, easy method: two Palms to rub between Palms heat, separately from the waist up, palms to the skin, and massage the waist, up to a sense of heat.

Morning and again each pass about 200 times. This movement can be kidney qi.

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