Historical records: the short life of this characteristic

Live Healthy  Historical records: the short life of this characteristic 34352011936_db2f41c0a3_o Historical records: the short life of this characteristic

“Adequate shoes” were short-lived, medically that makes some sense, walking heel does not touch, tiptoe, this is the attitude of a “revert”, and on the body and “atavism” linked to the signs of either disease or death.

This conclusion is written in his book of Zeng Guofan, seen countless experience with him, I have seen two people who walk this way, are male, the body is very good, much weaker than men of the same age, and one died of illness in more than 50 years old, another has always been sickly.

Human foot the calcaneus, is unique to humans, is to ensure the stability of upright walking evolved gradually. Calcaneus in mammals except humans are not, because their knees, don’t need to maintain stability of the calcaneus when evolution to human, upright, stand out in the role of the calcaneus, to ensure a healthy person is unable to walk, “THUMP THUMP”. In this sense, walk forward attitude on the “reversion”, tend to crawl position, and the “revert” internal pathology is sure.

The cycle of human life is a circle: the beginning of life, Shen Qi began, and teeth grow long hair toddler; old, shenqi decline, teeth, hair, began to foot has no roots, back to the time of birth, shenqi Sheng State before filling, until the final death. Death is back to the primary, the degradation of health and disease, the foot without shoes, man, early back to the kidney Qi Sheng-filled State, so more accessible than other people sick or even dead.

Many elderly people will feel a heel pain, but not the Spurs. In addition to pain, always feel Thin soles, feet like a standing directly on the cold concrete floor, cases in which the “kidney”, because the kidney dominates bone, kidney, bone marrow emptiness, not any weight, so on the ground was hurt.

Xu Mingyi Leian a case: “a man vegetarian living carelessly, hot food, and thirsty tired, two feet of heat, back heel pain. Or eliminate heat and humidity of agents and more swollen … … Shiquan dabu, Pennsylvania with a plus or minus eight pills, topical Angelica cream, more than two months and more. “Kidney heel pain can be cured, because virtual pain characteristic of cold due to deficiency of the kidney.

“Plus eight” in the “six ingredient rehmannia pill” cinnamon and on the basis of a report of child, double up the greatest power of yin and Yang of Chinese medicine, which also confirmed from another angle, foot shoe, heel pain are kidney, rather healthy aging or life to a certain degree of degradation.

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