Hot water left by our ancestors and health

Live Healthy  Hot water left by our ancestors and health 34221350472_9c07541480_o Hot water left by our ancestors and health

From tea, herbs and drink, feet bath, hot sauna, living everywhere in hot figure. It is part of the life habits and health culture, China is a great magic weapon.

Experts interviewed:

Beijing University of Chinese medicine, Dong Zhi men Hospital Chief Jiang ld

Old hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing, director Li Fangling

People’s hot love

Drink hot water has a history of thousands of years in China. 5th century BC, Huangdi neijing “disease to treat soup” records, Mencius also have “soup-drinking winter” statement, Shuo Wen Jie Zi says “soup, the heat”, where the “soup” say is hot. Subsequently, the evolution of hot water many “in the mood”, one of the widely known is tea. Many of the classics in the Han dynasty “antiques” words, tea will be cooking, boiling water is indispensable. In addition to drinking water, Chinese are also good with hot-water bath, foot bath, hot packs, etc. Jin dynasty of the elbow reserve nasty square feet on the first record, the longest in the history of the emperor Qianlong, foot regimen also will be summed up as “300 steps since morning, evening bathtub cubicle”, this “soup” refers to the feet.

Hot love is different with the Chinese, Westerners seem to be too keen on hot water. NI Keer·liuceng overseas Chinese in the United States wrote to the Los Angeles Times said that drinking tap water in Europe, some people even like ice in water. Outside dining, waiter served a glass of ice water, rather than serve a hot cup of tea. Beijing University of Chinese medicine, Dong Zhi men Hospital Chief Jiang ld told the Times reporter of life abroad most hotels do not have potable water, nor does it provide relevant equipment, therefore abroad at a time when he owned an electric kettle.

Why attitudes towards hot water at home and abroad there is such a big difference? Beijing old hospital TCM section director Li Fangling on life times reporter analysis road, while, China since ancient times to farming mainly, due to grain provides of heat enough, compared to meat mainly of Westerners, we body accumulation heat of capacity partial low, thus more preference hot food; on the, for on drinking water of security health consider, new China established Hou, Government vigorously encourages, and promotion drink water, almost universal are has “drink water not pulled belly” of consciousness. Literature also pointed out that the development of pottery in China much earlier than in the West, our ancestors knew the use of crockery cooker to boil water, and therefore has the good habit of drinking boiled water, soak feet.

Eight benefits of protecting health

Su said: “hot-foot method, its effect is not much, but accumulated hundreds of day, functions cannot be measured than medication, its efficiency a hundredfold. “The health benefits of hot water is not limited to this.

Promote the blood circulation. Jiang ld say, warm water can expand blood vessels, speeding up blood flow, so as to promote blood circulation, achieve the effect of warming Yang and warming. Studies show that a healthy person with 40 ¡æ ~45 ¡æ water soaking my feet half an hour later, blood flow will increase 10~18 times.

Speed up metabolism. Lukewarm effect could stimulate the secretion of hormones, including thyroid, adrenal hormones, and so on, so as to improve the body’s metabolism, so that the body’s garbage, excrete toxins better. Li Fangling said, especially in skin temperature increases, body sweating slightly, more conducive to toxic emissions.

Use body heat. Hot bubble bath can relax and restore muscle elasticity, but also consume a lot of calories. Loughborough University study found that bath 1 hour you burn more calories, the equivalent of walking for half an hour, often soaking in hot water bath also helps prevent.

Enhancing respiratory function. Jiang ld believes that drinking water can ease the tension of the respiratory Mucosa, coughed up sputum, cough due to cold is very effective. In addition, steam inhalation to oral and nasal mucosa moist, not only can prevent the intrusion of cold viruses, also helps clear lung mucus.

Elimination of brain fatigue. When the body accumulates a certain amount of “sediment”, people feel tired. Said Li Fangling, hot bath, drinking water improves blood circulation, reduce blood make us tired material, improve the blood supply to the brain, while inhibiting the cerebral cortex central nervous excitement, the brain is in a State of rest.

Relieve local pain. TCM believes that “Wen Tong, General of pain.” Jiang ld says heat can increase the blood supply to tissue damage and relieve local pain. Towels are available when you can play blood circulation, regulating qi to alleviate pain effect.

Reduce onset of the disease. Li Fangling said feet of all organs of the body have health benefits. Feet foot three yin and liver, spleen and kidney, and foot-Sanyang and guts, bladders and stomachs, and use lukewarm effect of strengthening the blood circulation in your feet, to whole body refreshing health and prevent diseases.

Improving communication skills. Albert Einstein College of Medicine of the United States study found that in 39 ℃ water bath can improve the patient’s ability to communicate. People who live in mild environments, their communication skills are better, the immune system and more active, more strong resistance to disease.

Hot water is good, but should also have

TCM about “degree”, a good thing. Drinking boiled water, feet have certain health benefits, but also to pay attention to the scientific method.

40 ° c water is most suitable. Li Fangling suggested that drink the hot water temperature should not be too high, 40 ℃ or so of warm water is best, neither over-stimulating the gastrointestinal tract, and not easy to cause vasoconstriction. Avoid repeatedly to drink boiled water to prevent toxic nitrite intake, even with drinking fountains, it is better to “drink with the burning”. Normal minimum intake of 1200 ml of water a day, patients with diabetes and renal damage is required according to the condition may be.

Feet 9 o’clock in the evening the most nourishing kidney. 9 o’clock than kidney Qi and blood, and feet can kidney out the liver. Jiang ld say, based on 40 ° c ~45 ° c, water temperature is warm and comfortable, water flooded ankle, 10-15 minutes, micro-heat, until the body begins to sweat. When the feet, gauze bags can also be used in 15~20 g of pepper in the water, and slowly massage your feet. Immediately wipe dry with a towel bath, note the foot warm, not cold. Heart failure, severe lower extremity arterial disease, blood pressure instability, foot feet used with caution in patients with inflammation, such as hot water, or use under the supervision of a physician.

1~2 bubble bath a week. Li Fangling said bath not too frequently, 1~2 times a week is appropriate. Fresh grapefruit peel can be soaked in a hot bath water 15 minutes, staying close to bath water temperature and body temperature. Bath, once you have symptoms such as chest tightness, wheezing, and should cease immediately, and vents sit to rest, drink some warm water, until the symptom relief.

15 minutes to replace hot towels. Jiang ld, heat is a very good health care treatments. When the body when there is a local pain, you can put a clean towel soaked in water at temperature of 40 c ~45, wring out and apply after sick parts, change the towels every 5 minutes, compress time 15-20 minutes. Dysmenorrhea is caused by the hot compress is not relieved after 10 minutes, hot and timely medical treatment should be discontinued.

Simple eye fumigation of 5 minutes. Eyestrain, fumigation method can be used to give eyes a “sauna”. Hot water or hot tea in under the eyes, water vapor and moist eyes for 5 minutes. Need to be reminded of is that containing hot water vessels not too close to the eyes, to avoid your eyes feel warm and comfortable. ▲

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