Eat vegetarian a few errors

Now more and more people begin to pay attention to their health, that eat less meat and more vegetables are healthier. However, eating vegetables if you make the following mistake will make you unhealthy!

1, low heat cooking

Vitamin c and B1 are sensitive to heat. Cooking heat should be avoided close should stir fry. Again, add a little vinegar also helps save vitamins. More suitable for cold to eat some vegetables, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.

2, old vegetable

Office workers often like to buy once a week, eating slowly purchased vegetables at home, which saves time and convenience, but you know, vegetables every 1 days will lose a lot of nutrients, Purcell, such as spinach, under normal conditions (20 degrees) place each day, vitamin c loss as high as 84%. Therefore, the storage time should be reduced to a vegetable. If the store should also select a dry, ventilated, dark places.

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Part 3, lost most of the vitamins

Some habitual vegetables processing also affect Purcell, nutrient content in vegetables. For example, Purcell, to eat bean sprouts and watercress lost, in fact 2~3 times more vitamin c than bean sprouts of watercress.

For example, doing dumplings squeezed out juice, vitamins also lost more than 70%. Purcell, the correct method is that after the cut vegetables with oil, mix well, then add salt and spices, so methods of oil-cabbage, dumplings are not so much soup.

4, dishes do not eat immediately

Many people like to do a warm meal in the pot or in insulated buckets, Purcell, wait some time before you eat it. It will lose a lot of nutrients, imagine six good meals, meals for not immediately eaten little nutrition, the shame.

5, eat food or drink soup

When you cook, large amounts of dissolved nutrients in vegetables in the soup, not too much pity.

6, after the first cutting vegetable

Cafeteria chef often in order to save things, first cut and then put together wash, Purcell. Many people, in fact, this will lead to a lot of vitamins in its water freely flow to the Purcell.

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7, prefer cooking

Believe many lose weight meat fry can reduce fat intake, Purcell, in fact, more easily absorb oil.

8, wash raw vegetables

Vegetable pollution is getting worse now, there are residues of various pesticides and parasites bacteria, Purcell, therefore best clean raw vegetables, peel them.

9, vegetarians do not eat meat

Nowadays more and more vegetarians, although helps prevent hardening of the arteries, Purcell, but vegetarian is not: first, people must consume a certain amount of cholesterol in the meat, the right amount of cholesterol also beneficial to cancer; the other is simply a vegetarian diet can lead to inadequate intake of protein, easily lead to digestive tract tumors. Third, inadequate intake of vitamin B2. Four were due to the general lack of zinc in vegetables, vegetarians are also prone to severe zinc deficiency. A better method is according to their physical characteristics, matching with food. Effect can be made vegetarian, vegetarian for physical damage can be avoided.

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