Feet of water add a whole body benefit

“Old rheumatism” with an “old”, many people mistake this for older patents, this is not so. Because they do not keep warm, some old and young will be plagued by rheumatism. When cold weather, could feel swelling, numbness, pain in the legs, which is the old precursor to rheumatism. Although rheumatism treatment will improve, but it is an “environmental illness” when it encounters a cold weather or chill, it’s easy to relapse.

Live Healthy  Feet of water add a whole body benefit 34365465955_e818ab0b5f_o Feet of water add a whole body benefit

The saying goes, “cold from foot, leg warmer, body lean.” For older patients with rheumatism, and usually more feet with hot water. 6 12 meridians of the human body originated in the soles, foot bath can serve to stimulate the meridians run results. Adequate, unobstructed flow of qi and blood, cold and damp evil nowhere to hide, the legs will naturally worry-free.

Add some dispelling cold feet in the water when the drugs, common pepper in the kitchen is a good cold medicine. Pepper and warm, belonging to dispelling the cold medicine in traditional Chinese medicine, can remove the viscera of the cold, and can pass the blood, regulating joint. Grab a handful of pepper add water, and full integration of drug smoked their feet when water poured into the basin, water cooler to the script used to soak our feet. In this process, you can continue to add hot pepper water, water to cover the ankles as well, soak for half an hour, whole body sweating slightly. Because, it is the best way of dispelling the cold and sweating. In addition to pepper, leaves of dispelling the cold and dehumidification effect is good.

When the feet, should be aware of the following issues:

1, the best 15-20-minute

Foot bath time should not be too long, with 15-2030 minutes. Feet when blood flow to the lower extremities, insufficient blood supply to the brain. Patients with cardio-cerebral vascular diseases, the elderly feel tightness in the chest, and feet should be suspended, have a rest. Patients with poor peripheral sensory abilities, family should try the water temperature to prevent the occurrence.

2, optimum temperature 40 ℃-50 ℃

Water temperature is not too high. Many people think that as long as the bear range, water temperature is naturally the higher the better, in fact, not so. The best water temperature at 50 feet below, hot but not hot, water temperature do not use hands to measure, it is best to use their feet to feel. If the water temperature is too high, feet lead to excessive expansion of blood vessels, blood flow to the lower limbs more, easily lead to important organs such as heart, brain and kidney insufficiency, bad for the body.

3, too little water is unavailable

Feet the best in deep, bottom, large wooden barrels or enamel pots can make your feet comfortable in it, and let the water soak into the shank.

Feet 4, would not be suitable for advising

Feet do not to read, watch TV, so easy to reach “return fire” effect.

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