Family secret of longevity of traditional Chinese medicine

Today, the growing health consciousness of people, are talking about health, society is filled with a variety of “health” banner health products and institutions. In fact, health is neither mysterious nor complicated. TCM just remember 8-character: “heart soft, ants, turtles and monkeys”, is simple and easy to do, and explains the basic principles of health, namely “health and heart, heart”. Keeping in good health for everyone, do not need to spend a lot of money, and the key is attitude and perseverance.

Live Healthy  Family secret of longevity of traditional Chinese medicine 34364350055_5e59d5a310_o Family secret of longevity of traditional Chinese medicine

Heart: that is, has the heart of a child. “Man’s nature is good”, the ancients recognized that a child’s mind is the most beautiful in the purest heart represents innocence and joyful, simple, and no adult vices, so many games to play all day. They looked at the world around, everything is wonderful and magical, always full of expectations for the future. To maintain innocence, can make a person out of thoughts, optimistic, cheerful personality, a pre-requisite for fitness, longevity of disease prevention. Childishness is that everyone has, but as they age, people are apt to be the reality of society to run out of naivety, maintain the innocence is the brain in a State of relaxation and rest.

Ant: refers to people not withdrawn, and eat slowly. Ant is an animal similar exchanges in the nature, although not audible, but not in the way they use their antennae to pass information. In ants, large projects, as long as work together will be able to complete, visible contact between the similar importance. In addition, the ants ‘ food is not fixed, often feeding, do not concentrate on the spot, and it drinks little micro-, eat slowly, and they are very tenacious vitality. Single wood forest, people live in society, too withdrawn by all Physitians approved; if someone can worries of hardship. In addition, TCM stress “excessive diet, stomach is hurt”, this phrase also emphasized the harm of overeating. Therefore, people must develop healthy dietary habits, are not excessive dieting or eating and drinking.

Tortoise soft: refers to the kind, not because of the things anger. Turtles are considered to be lucky, the health, because of their long life and was hailed as a symbol of good fortune. In front of major issues, we should never do a turtle, but in General on the issue, should be like the turtle, the luxury of a like mind and does not seek fame, wide, generous man, a business card Bai, and the status quo. Old people, but health and family are the most important, fame, position is not entirely without seriously, don’t even ask for, argues with others as little as possible, many concessions, less rushed, to maintain a calm attitude like a turtle.

Monkey: is said to exercise. Monkeys, so skill is the most agile. Hyperactivity is the nature of monkeys, who study it. Elder monkey line, is to try to keep all parts of the body flexible, not old, old. To be diligent in thinking, getting physical activity, active at any time. Sport is healthy, but to do the monkey, care must be taken to have a healthy heart, great physical strength and carefree, happy innocent child. With these basic conditions, put down the burden of age, traveling light, will have not the old one.

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