after staying up late and how to remedy the body

Speaking of staying up late, many people have experienced, some because the party all night, some had to stay up late for work and study, many have been staying up late as a habit, not awake until two or three points. As we all know, stay up on many aspects of the body damage, make the following three points will help ease the hurt of staying up late, the body in shape.

Live Healthy  after staying up late and how to remedy the body 34364322025_b9d72dc720_o After staying up late how come back? Three strokes

First, you should replenish moisture. Stay up when people are often too busy to drink water, but with soft drinks, beer, coffee or tea instead, which tend to aggravate water shortages harm to the body, whether it be at a party, or hard work, be sure to drink plenty of water, time to add invisible loss of water in the body.

Second, to replenish nutrients. Best way is to stay after their snack: time to add a variety of fruits and vegetables. Such as blueberries, mango, carrot, can protect your eyes and prevent fatigue, drink yoghurt or millet gruel, Lotus Lily porridge pot, yangwei Anshen except trouble. Water can also make a cup of American ginseng, Astragalus root tea, nourishing face, reduce fatigue and enhance human immunity.

Finally, it is time to sleep. Staying up until three or four o’clock in the morning to rest, didn’t get up until noon or later. Enough has been doing seems to be sleeping. Woke up still feeling sleepy, tired and weak. Regular night shift, night shift, and more reasonable arrangement should be resting, reduce sleep time in the morning, due to increase of sleep in the afternoon, generally do not sleep more than 3 hours in the afternoon, sleep before you fully relaxed and feet with hot water before going to bed or listening to soft music, soothing frayed nerves. When they cannot adjust the sleep, made sure to find specialist doctors, taking sleeping pills on their own, so as to avoid adverse effects and dependency.

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