Nine out of ten women cold, how to recuperate?

“Nine out of ten women is cold, there is also a virtual” women born Yang is weaker, if cold feet in the winter, winter cold often sleep through the night or cold feet. Usually pale and languid, aunt coming to endure, there are a large number of blood clots, needless to say, you’re cold body. How to improve cold Constitution, you can start from the following five aspects, conditioning your body from the inside.

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First, the diet to eat warm food.

May be appropriate to eat warm foods, such as beef and mutton; warm climates of the South, to eat some chicken, duck, sweet and warm food.

Woman’s friend, Longans brown sugar and ultimately, brown sugar ginger tea is also a good winter, warm up the blood, remember, ginger don’t cut it with a knife, so that results will be better.

To pay attention to eating raw food, such as Balsam PEAR, pear, melon, try not to eat something cold such as ice cream.

Secondly, to keep warm.

Summer stay in air-conditioned rooms at best enough warm to do Kung Fu, don’t bare feet, foot measures of warm, cold feet into.

Should be promptly added to the cold weather clothing, local Kung Fu to do enough warm, winters don’t expose these shoulder ankle, lest it “evil” into the body. Less to stay in cool, moist environments, more than the Sun.

Furthermore, to stay in a good mood

Unpleasant things to take timely and appropriate way to vent out, communicate more with family and friends. Do not suppress unpleasant emotions, over time, the people in it, kills depression, emotions are too permissive will hurt your body.

Keep a good mood every day, no matter what state of optimism, laughed decade, monsters also have tall people. The life and death, other are small, always take it.

In addition, to develop good habits.

Enough sleep every day, do not stay up late. Early to bed in good health, the young man throws his young body easily feel free to stay up late, eating cold smoking, drinking, overeating, greasy fried grilled food.

Remain thin diet nutrition, too rich to eat less. Get rid of bad lifestyle habits.

Finally, exercise more.

Aerobic exercise such as jogging, brisk walking body activities, promote blood circulation, helps to relieve cold symptoms, long-term adherence to gradually change the cold body. But avoid strenuous exercise, or easily “vent Yang”, aggravated the cold.

Frail is not suitable for sports can bubble foot every day, with about 40 degrees Celsius hot water immersion knee, soak for 20 minutes. Feet rubbing your feet at the same time, the effect will be better.

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