Increase white hair may be the harbinger of disease

Live Healthy  Increase white hair may be the harbinger of disease 33979918600_f1b95d0603_o Increase white hair may be the harbinger of disease

New research at the University in Cairo, Egypt, hair white is not only a sign of aging, and could be a precursor.

Researchers recruited 545 adult male, rating them by hair color, hair color, white, score higher. A maximum of 5 minutes, said hair is all white, minimum 1 minute, indicating that no grey hair after x-ray scans of participants to understand their vascular health. Results showed that hair score 3 or more participants, mostly arterial blood vessel damage, or abnormal blood lipid symptoms, and these symptoms are associated with heart disease.

The study’s authors, University of Cairo, said cardiologist yilini·saimiuer, hair more arterial damage may become more serious, higher heart disease risk.

This is because, mechanism of arterial disease and white hair similar to both DNA repair function, inflammation, hormonal changes, functional cell aging and other factors, the incidence increases with age.

Team plans next to expand the study to women. They say that if this research is confirmed, has a great significance for prevention and treatment of heart disease. Gray levels can be in the future, as an indicator of cardiovascular disease risk, doctors need only look at the hair color, you can generally tell if the patient’s heart and cardiovascular health. ▲

(Li Yue Hong)

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