Man eating garlic has drawbacks

Tips  Man eating garlic has drawbacks 34321699276_ce1d30c4e1_o Man eating garlic has drawbacks

Sperm quality is low, azoospermia induced male infertility higher in recent years, men just pay more attention to habits, you can prevent this from happening, looking to kill the sperm with the “culprit”!

Male sperm are very sensitive and fragile, from a variety of external or internal stimulation, can reduce its vitality, or even kill its vitality. Studies have shown that men eat more garlic or reduction in the number of sperm, eat a lot of garlic could kill sperm, is not conducive to growth. This is right? Now we look at:

“Garlic is a natural plant of broad-spectrum antibiotics, about 2% garlic, many pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus, meningitis, pneumonia, diarrhea and others have significant inhibitory and bactericidal effects. Raw garlic is effective way to prevent influenza and prevention of intestinal infections. “Said Hu haixiang, as garlic is a spicy things, eating too much can damage sperm.

For men, taking in too much garlic can damage the integrity of spleen and stomach and spleen and providing adequate nutrition for the body, if its function is damaged, there will be loss of appetite, fatigue, weight loss and other symptoms, affecting the kidney, blood damage eventually causes infertility in men, little essence.

However, men are not refused to eat garlic, garlic is cancer, diet, and proper eating is good general health. General recommendations having a poor appetite of men try not to eat, you can add garlic flavor when cooking, one or two pieces at a time.

(From the new overseas Chinese network in Japan)

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