A soup, remove body moisture

At this stage, it is rainy season in the South, the environment moist, but will also increase the body’s moisture. If moisture in the body to do? Recommend qushi decoction. Offshore in the South, hot and humid weather, increased rain, more wet. Humid, people will feel fatigue, lack of appetite, good mood may be discounted.

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Humid recommends pig spleen Yin Chen Xia decoction of Bacillus subtilis

At this point, we can be a pig spleen Yin Chen Xia Bacillus subtilis soup to heat-clearing and dampness, in addition to anger, refreshing tired, a good mood.

Practice: pig spleen 500 grams, Prunella Vulgaris, Artemisia capillaris 30 grams each, ginger 4 slices. Fishy pig spleen boiling water reserve. Prunella Vulgaris, Herba artemisiae scopariae washed together with ginger, pig spleen is in a clay pot, add water, 2.5-liter. Fire go slow fire burning about 2 hours after the pot to a boil, seasoning you can drink.

Cross tongues with pig spleen is also known as pig, its flat, tastes astringent, tonifying the spleen and stomach to help digest food, treating spleen and stomach, indigestion, diabetes (diabetes mellitus), loss of appetite, abdominal distension, etc. Prunella cold, pungent, bitter, with clear anger, depression, blood pressure lowering effect, can cure liver fire flaming eye redness caused by pain, eye pain, tears, Vertigo, headaches, and other symptoms. Wormwood, winter is not dead, because Chen was born in the spring, hence the name. Eliminating dampness and heat, the effect retreat of jaundice, is treating spleen and stomach damp-heat-and-drugs, can also be used to treat jaundice.

The soup will heat to wet, to warm, dry mouth, red eyes, headache, fatigue, hot and humid, with rotten liver heat crowd can burn to take. Note that this soup is cold, deficient cold of spleen and stomach with caution.

Recommend three foods and removing dampness

1, barley

Barley enabling detumescence, invigorating the spleen to dampness, shujin chubi, clearing heat and discharging pus and other effects, for the benefit of common water wet medicine. Good seed has the taste of a medicine, no smell and no fur. Pearl barley and red bean porridge, is nothing but pure barley and beans, rather than with rice, drink eat beans, long to be effective. Furthermore, you can wash and dry pan fried barley, wok-fried rice, like the fried sesame fried would have been OK. Separate eating pearl barley mill grinding into powder or home can drink like a washed sesame paste, works better than porridge to raise.

2, Chinese Yam

Effect of Yam has no direct dehumidifier, but Yam spleen, indirect allows body moisture discharge. Yams can be eaten fried, stewed dishes, you can also do a snack, dipped in sugar or steaming. Yam selection bar is better, are edible, tonifying spleen effect is better, but can also improve energy, better than ordinary household Yam.

3, red bean

Red blood can also dehumidify. In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, red beans, Sweet Sour, strengthening the spleen and diuresis, clearing heat and removing dampness, swelling detoxifying effect. Use red beans boiled water, or with black beans and green beans, cooked with water, can be a good flush out moisture. Red bean red bean paste can be done, rice, dessert, but be careful not to get the red bean, beans that belongs to the drug class, eating more can be toxic, generally are easy to confuse and red beans.

In General, when there is moisture in the body appears, its different parts of the body, will show different symptoms, so we usually found a several symptoms described in this article, you can dampness therapeutic approach, while foods such as red beans, Yam and job’s tears, is the option of removing the wet food.

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