Summer weight loss, 2 free recipe to your

Hot summer is the best time to lose weight, a lot of people don’t want to exercise to lose weight, then look at dietary weight loss method. Many female friends are trying to lose weight, but always the importance of diet meals to lose weight. Here to tell you the principles of diet, and two recipes let you crush easily in the thin, Oh!

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Summer diets recommend

, Lean Yam fried mushrooms

Material: 300 grams of Chinese Yam, soaking good Jew 200 grams.


1, the lean meat into thin slices, pickled with raw sauce, cooking wine, water, starch for more than 10 minutes.

2, Yam and cut into thin slices.

3, fungus soak a soft, remove the roots, torn into small pieces, wash it.

4, heat oil in a pot, add meat stir to completely change color, dish out and set aside.

5, put a little oil in the Pan, add yams, mushrooms stir, add a little water and stir-fry until cooked.

6, put in meat stir, add salt, chicken seasoning.

Weight-loss principles: yams are slimming, reducing blood sugar function. Also known as Yam Yam, dioscorea opposita. Light, sweet. The tubers are rich in many essential amino acids, proteins and starches, phlegmatic, and allantoin, choline, fibre, fat, vitamin a, B2, c and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, can provide many essential nutrients.

Second, Lily FRY squash

Materials: pumpkin half, Lily, 4 3 grams of salt, oil, 15ml


1, cut the pumpkin in half, Peel the outer skin, dug out the inside, suitable cut into thick pieces.

2, Lily into flap, remove the Brown part outside, wash.

3, fires burn in boiling water, boil hot two minutes into lily flap, remove and drain.

4, the oil in the wok, Cook 70% into the pumpkin slices in hot, stir.

5, add water a little no pumpkins, Cook opened fire after seven or eight minutes until the pumpkin stew cooked soft.

6, there is a small amount of broth in a pot, add Lily stew for two minutes, add salt, stir fry for two minutes the fire closed dry soup.

Weight-loss principles: pumpkin with weight loss, blood sugar function. Pumpkin is rich in pectin and trace element cobalt. High content of cobalt, is compared to any other vegetables are not available, it is the trace element necessary for islet cell insulin, eating pumpkin can help control diabetes. Pectin can slow the intestinal absorption of carbohydrate and lipid.

Lily with nourishing, mind meditatively, hypoglycemic function. Lily contains starch, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B1, B2, c and other nutrients, but also contains some specific nutrients, such as colchicine and other alkaloids. These component functions in the human body, not only has a good nourishing power, but also the variety of seasonal diseases caused by autumn climate is dry and has a certain effect. Chinese speaking Lily with yangxin Anshen, lungs cough effectiveness, weak after the illness is very useful.

Summer weight loss

1, three meals a day must be reasonable

Guaranteed to eat a good breakfast, eat lunch, eat less dinner, three meals a day than be 3:4:3. Low calorie a day diet planning principles to follow, healthy eating is the key to slimming, never bounce back Oh! In addition, the dinner too late can lead to heat fully consumed, can easily lead to obesity, weight loss is very negative.

2, eating light

You can enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables (and not worry about getting fat, because fruits and vegetables can reduce fat and increase complex carbohydrates) to reduce your need for other food, but don’t put yourself like a Dervish, can occasionally eat a ice cream.

3, smaller meals

For dieters, and Lucky was that hot weather can suppress appetite. As they do not feel hungry, we often don’t want to eat, but it may get to the Sun, temperatures drop and we wanted to loot the cookie box and a refrigerator. So, to remind you that if you want to lose weight, you can eat 5 meals a day, eating less quantity, should be even, so it can play a role in weight loss.

4, water

When the weather is cool, your body needs 7 cups to 8 cups of water a day, and in the heat of summer, you should drink 2 cups to 3 cups, but it is regrettable that, many people drank sugared soft drinks or beer to complement the consumed water. You know? Contents of the 340 ml cans of beer contains 150 calories, if you drink several cans of beer a day, the body will reserve many hot days sweating alone sends out the heat. Water is the best drink in the summer, before the exercise, drink at least two cups of water, don’t wait for the thirsty before you drink it. Once you feel thirsty, that have been dehydrated.

5, increasing fruit and vegetable intake

Increased vegetable and fruit intake is a good way to cut calories. Vegetables can be eaten raw as raw as possible, do not drop or put less salad dressing, salad vinegar put little or no oil.

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