Four types of food can prolong life

A bowl of rice and a rough Wo TOU lay ahead, which would you choose? Between a flap on a piece of watermelon and grapefruit, you may select which postprandial fruit? Table saw on onions and garlic, and you ignore them? In life, we tend to love those sweet, delicate, spicy food, don’t like bitter, coarse, mild food. But among these foods taste bad, there are unexpected elements of nutrition and health.

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Rough foods

Some people prefer fine rice and flour products, don’t like brown rice and steamed corn bread, because they eat “firm voice.” In fact, “firm voice” is a valuable dietary fibre, it can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, help bowel movements, and change the type and number of intestinal microorganisms, reduce carcinogens. Dietary fiber is widely found in rough-tasting foods, including whole grains of rice, wheat and beans, such as brown rice, oats, red beans, and so on. To prevent constipation and bowel cancer, should ensure 20-30 grams of dietary fiber per day. Recommendation to abandon the traditional white rice porridge for breakfast, drinking porridge of coarse cereals, refined white rice instead of whole wheat bread.

Astringent foods

The presence of tannins and phytic acid and oxalic acid will make food itching it because they’ll mouth saliva protein binding and precipitation, the saliva loses lubricity and tongue epithelial tissue shrinkage and astringency. But these substances have strong antioxidant properties, good for preventing diabetes and high cholesterol. Such as olives, grapes, apples, walnuts, which has a strong antioxidant effect than flesh. Suggest Apple and grape are best eaten with the skin, do not eat walnuts Brown layer of skin.

Acid foods

Compare with oranges, watermelons, bananas, love to eat crab, Hawthorn and other sour fruits of relatively few people. In fact, this kind of sour fruit comes mainly from the citric acid, Malic acid and other organic acids, these natural acids promote the absorption of iron and other minerals. If feeling sour food tastes bad, you can put it into a fruit soup, add a small amount of sugar, frozen into the refrigerator, will be greatly improved.

A bitter taste food

Natural bitter compounds in food also has some health effects, such as lemons and grapefruit, naringin, the tea polyphenols in tea, red wine polyphenols, as well as the polyphenols in chocolate, is a component will help prevent cancer and heart disease. Bitter quinine, and also improves the immune system, helps to control blood sugar. So, must match the fruit to eat, not eat sweet, also due to some bitter, sour. Eating grapefruit skin, don’t throw it away, can cut back to make honey citron tea. Bitter gourd, which Blanch with hot water, chilled eaten dipped in honey.

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