Two food eat everything not to have

Moisture in the body is the source of all diseases, eliminate moisture in the body, is very simple, with only two “medicine”. Could these two drugs as a tea to drink, eat, and can solve the problem, they are barley, one is the red bean.

These two things, not at what ratio you want, grab a handful at a time, washed in the pot of water boil, Cook good is wet and invigorating the spleen after share-the-tears of red bean porridge.

Barley there is a good red bean porridge, is how to get through are not sticky sticky, always boil rotten underneath the red bean and barley, which is reddish soup, Pearl barley and beans like most of the active ingredients in the soup. Who, when much water, the soup is enough for us to drink for a long time, just as a tea to drink.

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As to the effect, that’s no small matter. Barley, known in traditional Chinese medicine “Coix” Shen Nong’s Materia Medica will be listed as the top grade, it can cure wet bi, sharp stomach, edema elimination, strengthening the spleen and stomach, jiufu Yiqi. Red beans, known in traditional Chinese medicine as “red beans” there was water, the effect of detumescence, spleen, because it was red, red heart, so that it can fill. Spiritual pressure, Qi Virtual, improper diet, exercise less, damp abundance due to spleen deficiency. As well as dampness, heart, and spleen, not belong to barley and beans. Their porridge, is intended to make its active ingredient absorbed fully, without imposing any burden on the spleen and stomach.

About barley and beans “swelling” role, is also very interesting. We must not think that swelling is swelling. Look at the people, there are at least five or six out of ten body fat, which is swollen, is bloated. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, obesity, edema or wet means the body. Liquid water cannot flow of qi and blood, stuck between the cells of the body, so that the body swelled. Edema, obesity, too, just deeply shallow levels. Dampness of strong drugs or foods can get rid of those remaining in the body’s fluid, are swelling. Therefore, treatment of edema will use red beans, but practice proves that seed of red bean porridge is good for weight loss effects, can lose weight without hurting your body, especially for the middle and old aged obese, is especially good.

Dampness is a modern variety of chronic, intractable disease, while barley lentil stew is the best drug in the treatment of wet evil. Barley and bean congee, as a dinner staple.

When someone seed survived the red bean porridge, add a handful of rice, and porridge boil thick. In fact, do not increase the rice because rice is long in the water, humidity, wet, sticky, so the rice boil thick. Red Bean and barley are damp, itself contains moisture, so they cannot get through heavy, the soup is very clear. Chinese medicine is the use of it is the nature of this sort of, wet the body to get rid of, once added to rice, is equivalent to adding moisture, so the whole soup is thick. Although it might taste better, but it is not good for health, because the rice, all the red bean, barley was in vain, the effectiveness of all.

In addition to seed red bean porridge, you can also learn more about food, taste, by analogy, their addition and subtraction, of more diet that suits your physique. In this way, food can become the best of health.

Look dull, not enough energy, palpitations, sleep, even emptiness: the seed of red bean and dried longan. Restless insomnia, or rash, acne on the face: seed of red bean and lilies, Lotus seeds. Stomach pain, poor appetite, cold chills: seed of red beans with ginger. Kidney: the seed of red beans and black beans. Athlete’s foot: the seed of red bean and soybean. Cough: Italian rice with red beans and pears. Appetite, weak: the seed of red beans and yams. Diarrhea, abdominal pain, diabetes: seed of red bean and pumpkin. Too much weakness, premature ejaculation, seminal emission, nocturia: seed of red bean and euryale. Pregnant women: reduced barley, add a small amount of yellow van, codonopsis pilosula. Maternal: reduced barley, more dates, millet, and dates.

(Taken from the Hong Kong commercial daily)

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