Five kinds of people the garlic may be wary of eating

Retained raw garlic allicin

The medicinal effects of garlic is cancer, in simple terms is that it contains a natural antiseptic material “allicin” we smell of spicy is allicin, the garlic, if 100,000 times diluted, can instantly kill Salmonella typhimurium, Shigella influenza virus, especially primary inducement to HP to kill gastric cancer.

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Since garlic fried or boiled, which most of the volatile or when heated to decomposition of allicin, thus greatly reducing the health benefits of garlic. So, garlic or raw as much as possible, and if you really can’t stand the spicy garlic, you can cook when it comes to out of the pot and sprinkle with garlic, spicy Dodge, allicin also will not lose much, and also choose to eat sugar, garlic and vinegar with garlic.

Whole eat not eat garlic allicin because allicin is not directly, but by the independent existence of garlic alliinase enzyme synthesis of the two compounds and garlic only crushed or mashed garlic, they can combine into allicin. So eat garlic when crushed or mashed, or chewing, this also helps to eliminate bacteria in the mouth.

Five categories of people should not eat raw garlic

As common vegetables and seasoned with garlic, is, of course, for most of us daily consumption, especially for people with tuberculosis, cancer, and high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular disease is very good. However, if you have the eye disease, or cancer, or people with liver disease, or diarrhea, it can’t be too busy eating raw garlic.

First, patients with eye disease

The ancients said: “garlic cure only the killing.” Long, a lot of garlic, is harmful to the eyes. Ji Kang’s theory of health that “meat-effect damage” garlic the most stress, and it is clear body, wild eyes, likely to cause eye damage. So be careful not too much garlic, especially people with eye disease, the treatment must be avoid spicy foods.

Second, weakness, heat

The ancients believed that eating garlic will dissipate the gas, as well as dissipation blood, the new compilation of Materia Medica records “effect of garlic hot toxic, phlegm-fire, blood gas consumption and weak people not to make even a SIP of the hot”. So in poor health, blood weak person should pay attention.

Third, in patients with liver diseases

Many people use garlic to prevent hepatitis, and some even ate garlic every day even after suffering from hepatitis. This is not right. Compendium of Materia Medica records garlic “long food liver damage eyes,” garlic of the heat, can help fire; in taste, strong incentive. Fire when eaten within the liver, suffered more, and over time will cause damage.

Four, people with diarrhea due to spleen deficiency

Raw garlic in a very strong, usually eating less is promoting digestion, but if you have nonbacterial gastroenteritis, diarrhea and then eating garlic, intense stimulation will aggravate intestinal mucosal hyperemia, edema, leakage, deterioration of the disease.

Five seriously ill Shensi

Garlic is a FA-Wu, the so-called hair content, are particularly likely to cause certain diseases, food or aggravate the disease. Eating spicy foods such as garlic, chili, for people suffering from serious illnesses, or are receiving medication, is likely obvious side effects, will not only lead to relapse, and may void the drug or drugs have a ripple effect, affect their health.

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