Fellow, remember three words never was sick DICs

Experts interviewed: the Chinese Academy of engineering, Honorary Vice President of the China anti-cancer Association, the tumor Hospital of China Academy of medical sciences, former Vice President Cheng Shujun

A long time, people struggling in the journey to fight tumors. In recent years, medical experts are studying a cancer prevention and treatment methods that make up—happy. The old saying goes, cracked a smile, ten years less. That smile could make “tumor you” fuck off? Chinese Academy of engineering, China anticancer Association, Honorary Vice-Chairman, former Vice President of Chinese Academy of medical sciences Cancer Hospital Professor Cheng Shujun’s answer is Yes. He tells you from a scientific perspective, the mood is how to beat cancer.

Live Healthy  Fellow, remember three words never was sick DICs 34211977891_0a8eef4925_o Fellow, remember three words never was sick DICs

You are angry, happy gives cancer cells the chance

“I made a point of view—host factors changes the human body not only affects tumor occurrence, development, but will also have a significant impact on tumor patients treated. “Cheng Shujun explains that cancer cells are the body’s” good citizens “, but due to various reasons induced mutations rather than” organization “arrangements, grow, plundered resources, crowding out normal cells, which evolved into the human body in the small community of a” cancer “. And the human host is cancer cells, mood changes are part of host factors.

In 2010, the world’s top science journal cell, in a paper to be published. Researchers of the same genetic background of mice were divided into two groups: a group of relatively large living space, there are mazes, toys, houses, pulleys and other toys, mice can play, share, called “happy mouse”; another group in the same small space, as a control group. After a period of time, scientists on two groups of mice induced by tumor (,,), found that “happy mouse” caused by the tumor is much smaller than the control group. This proves that the healthy mental stimulation on tumor inhibition. Researchers suggest a magical “cancer pathways”: positive stimulation in the cerebral cortex causes increased secretion of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in hippocampus, thus affecting the autonomic nervous system (mainly sympathetic), and then through the fatty tissue tumor suppressor effect effect. In short, the mood through the hypothalamic-pituitary system affect the endocrine and immune systems, so as to change the course of tumor development.

“In other words, when a person is in a bad state of mind, is more harmful to the body. “Cheng Shujun provides a set of scientific data to reporters: the study found that, once informed that they are suffering from cancer, about 55% of patients into depression, while the proportion of depression in the general population about 17%; about half of all cancer patients would enter the anxiety State, this proportion is 3 times the normal population. Another study shows that depression in cancer patients, and higher mortality than the ease of patient 22%. Foreign researchers on psychological intervention in cancer patients, the survival time of patients in the intervention group for 36 months, without psychological intervention for only 18 months. “Obviously, people’s mental state and the host State had a very important influence on the development of tumors. ”

“We can see in life, and is also a tumor has been detected, some people are intimidated, stay at home every day; some people want to go, go to the Park to exercise every day, and travel. Quality of life and survival time is far larger than the former to the latter. “Said Cheng Shujun, tumor cells usually need twenty or thirty years, in that time called precancerous lesions. If the attitude is good, balanced diet, habits and health, State of the organism as a whole can balance these latent tumors are less likely to develop if combat or encounter life often sullen, the cancer may be rapid development.

Good mood, it is possible and peace with tumor

The 2012 China cancer registry annual report showed that cancer incidence was 87.07/100,000 aged 35, ~39; 40 years ~44 years of age nearly doubled, at 154.53/100,000; 80% of the total incidence among people over 50 years old or more; 80 reaches its peak. From the data can be clearly seen, tumors, dramatically increases after age 50. Cheng Shujun explained that, generally speaking, human prosperity began to decline after the age of 50, the immune and neuroendocrine functions are gradually falling, incidence of cancer rapidly. “In a sense, cancer is a disease associated with aging. “Cheng Shujun also pointed out that everyone’s mental status, lifestyle, and eating habits are different, the aging process is not the same, has an impact on tumor incidence.

Cheng Shujun says: “previous cancer treatment is prescribed, surgery, in order to kill the tumor. It is certainly true, but we have to ‘ treatment of patients with tumors ‘ a gradual transition to a ‘ treatment of patients with tumor ‘, that is, to treat people as a whole. If the host has gone, that cancer treatment is difficult, the effect is limited. “Cancer treatment is comprehensive, psychological, environmental, lifestyle, dietary habits, such as intervention.

People have a tumor “1/3” said 1/3 patients died of itself; 1/3 patients died from excessive treatment 1/3 patients are scared to death of. Cheng Shujun believes that this argument has no scientific basis, but also provide an important information—people the fear of cancer has a special spirit—this will increase pressure, is not conducive to disease control. “No one said or were scared to death, but proposed to tumors. “Cheng Shujun said, particularly after many people detect cancer fears, into anxiety and depression. Sometimes doctors Word, the family of a sigh, could seriously affect a patient’s mood. While we mentioned earlier, depressed 22% higher mortality in patients with cancer. This can not help but let us reflect on, between humans and tumors must have a “cut-throat” duel?

Cheng Shujun said, diabetes, cancer and heart disease, are slow in the old recession. Long-term eating of antihypertensive drugs in patients with hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypoglycemic drugs, there is no cure once and for all, tumors, too. If calm and treat the cancer, treat it as a common chronic diseases, and tumors can be in a State of relative balance of human body, enhance disease resistance. This is the tumor universally accepted by the medical profession in recent years “band survival” concept.

Cancer prevention and control from the kids

Survey shows that middle-aged and older groups are the most concerned about the health knowledge, but current trends younger of many diseases, including cancer. Cheng Shujun call cancer prevention strategies should be moved from childhood to strengthen education and literacy, teach children how to maintain physical and mental health and good quality of life. “Should be the whole life process of disease control and prevention, at the age of fifty or sixty to do it later. ”

Cheng Shujun think, first of all, scientists through the community popular science lectures, the media and other means, continue to disseminate scientific knowledge to the public, telling people their research results. Correct understanding of the cancer helps to enhance the treatment effect. Second, doctors should pay attention to the mental state of the patient, “not people” is the awareness and practice must be corrected. Once again, patients themselves to cheer up, should not only rely on the doctor, and to actively cooperate with treatment, live, doing some good things, like hanging out or do public service. These are can’t be substituted by doctors.

From the national level, the Cheng Shujun calls for rehabilitation to bring to the attention of the tumor. Level-III hospital oncologist to see many patients, and research tasks, and wants to focus on each patient’s State of mind and way of life are difficult. To play this role of medical institutions at various levels, such as community hospitals can engage in rehabilitation work, enhancing patient and nutritional guidance. In addition, the family is the best healing environment, family members have the responsibility to provide a relaxed environment for the patients.

Three words to build a positive mental attitude

Cheng Shujun told the Times reporter of life: “realistically speaking, my state of mind in General, is not clever than others, I adjust method, nothing more than three words—summary yourself, people, patience to adjust in the future. ”

First sentence: to summarize the lessons learned from past experiences and adjust to live now. Something happens, think about similar things in the past is what to do with, the outcome, sorted out, before we know now what to do. “I love sport, usually climbing. I used to live, 8/f, 20 years insisted on not taking the elevator. Often someone kindly drew my attention to protect joints, but I’m very confident, felt his joints no problem, recent joints was unsuited by the results. “Said Cheng Shujun, old to be over-confident, or to care for the body.

Second sentence: by reading books, newspapers, exchanges and other means to learn from the experience of others, and then to practice. “I used to see some science psychology science books, everyone can choose according to their own situation to help your book. “Cheng Shujun stressed that people must be more exchanges, don’t isolate yourself, participate actively in whatever social, recreational, tourism and other activities. Older people must be out of the environment, access to nature, strengthening communication with the environment and human health are good.

Third sentence: alter ego to be patient, don’t rush. People a lot of habit is a habit of a lifetime and cannot be solved overnight. Distance from theory to practice, but to stick to it. In addition, there may not be too much, don’t make unrealistic goals, to get the best. Had to be content with what, don’t feel too.

Cheng Shujun raised from spirits, people better never retired. Even after they have left the job now, will keep on working until the last minute. “I am not asking the elderly to work nine-to-five, earned salary, but according to their current level of knowledge and master skills, another way to use waste heat, continuing to the society. Meanwhile, the old man’s body remains in the active state. “Cheng Shujun explained that if a person mentally retired, would lose its value; staying at home doing nothing, life is at a standstill, physical and mental functioning will be declined.

He suggested that the country could set up some old base, provide a pleasant environment for worthiness. Here, musicians can teach singing, the artist can teach people to draw, scientists can do science. Low knowledge level can play a role in community for the elderly, as well she can use his free time to do volunteer, care of sick; hydropower, hair-the elderly, voluntary help. Of course, the Governments, communities are needed to move forward. ▲ (Life times, Zhang Jie)

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